Tune In to Jack Hill

Spider Baby(click for larger image)The media blitz for the Maddest Story Ever Told is ramping up as Jack Hill makes his rounds to let everyone know a worthy release of his cult classic Spider Baby is on the way (New Spider Baby Hatches – July 12, 2007).

Dead Channels will be one of Jack’s stops this weekend on August 12th. “Dead Channels’ popular Sleazy Sunday grindhouse revival series returns during the Film Festival with an afternoon double bill presented by the great American indie director/screenwriter Jack Hill. The auteur responsible for Coffy, Foxy Brown and Switchblade Sisters (among others) is providing 35mm prints of his classic Spider Baby and the practically unknown Pit Stop with Sid Haig.

Mr. Hill will discuss his career, new projects and answer any and all questions from the audience. Filmmaker Mark (Evil Eyes) Atkins will moderate the on-stage conversation, and discuss his upcoming collaboration with Mr. Hill.” The screening will take place at The Roxie Film Center in San Francisco; Spider Baby at 2:30 and Pit Stop (with Ellen Burstyn) at 4:30, followed by a Q&A.

Coming soon, we too will have an interview with Mr. Hill! To gear up for it, head over to the Evilshop and pre-order Spider Baby!


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