The Reel Estate Market Goes Bust for Dream House at the Box Office

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It’s been two weeks since a new horror movie opened to dismal box office results, and despite a cast that includes James Bond, an Oscar-winning actress, and a 6-time Oscar nominee in the director’s chair, Dream House became the latest horror offering to have a nightmarish opening weekend.

Dream House opened to horrid reviews from critics and general disinterest from audiences judging by Box Office Mojo’s tally. Opening in 6th place with $8.2 million dollars for the weekend, the mind-bending chiller couldn’t even beat out an evangelical Christian cop drama.

Word is that Dream House was anything but a dream behind the scenes as director Jim Sheridan was said to have feuded heavily with the producers over the final cut. The producers won, but at what cost? The marketing department did this film no favors either. It was also during the filming of Dream House that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz fell in love and married so at least the film worked out well for someone.

Contagion continues to be the only other box office offering with any horrific overtones, and it is clearly nearing the end of its theatrical run. Down to 9th place with $5 million for the weekend, the star-studded Steven Soderbergh pandemic thriller has thus far accumulated a respectable but unremarkable $64 million domestically.

No report next week since it will be all about what happens when robots box and George Clooney runs for President. But in two weeks we finally find out if The Thing is actually a remake, a prequel, or what I prefer to call a premake. Whatever this Thing turns out to be, let’s just hope it it’s not a movie we want to take a flamethrower to.

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