Chillerama Tour Goes North of the Border to Edmonton

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We’ve been kept on our toes trying to keep you updated with all the information on the Chillerama tour (or as I like to call it, the Rolling Freakshow). Well, Canucks, you’re in luck. No, it isn’t free donut day at Tim Horton’s. It’s the announcement of the pending arrival of the over-the-top horror-comedy anthology heading your way. Edmonton, Alberta, say hello to Chillerama.

The four-part film created by directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan is kicking ass with audiences everywhere it goes. Buckle up, Oiler fans. You’re in for a bumpy ride on October 14 when the Chillerama tour stops at the Metro Cinema at the Garneau for a one-night only affair. The showing begins at 11:00 pm.

Read on for all the info on the evening and a great summary of the film.

From the Press Release
What does a monster-creating Hitler, a Jewish Golem, a sexually-confused shapeshifter, horny zombies, and a giant city-destroying sperm have in common? They’re all part of the funniest, goriest, outrageous film of the year: Chillerama!

Due to popular demand (and just in time for Halloween), we’re bringing back the biggest hit of DEDfest! This loving tribute to b-movies of the past comes courtesy of four of horror’s top new directors: Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Knights of Badassdom), Adam Rifkin (The Dark Backward, Detroit Rock City), and Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs).

The mayhem starts with Wadzilla, a spoof on the giant monster, science-gone-amok flicks of the 1950s. An ad exec with a low sperm count (Rifkin) subjects himself to a new experimental drug courtesy of his doctor (Twin Peaks’ Ray Wise)… a drug with a horrible, unintended side effect! Soon the city will flee in terror from a monster sprung from the darkest loins of science, the sticky behemoth known as Wadzilla!

Next, take a chilling but musical trip to 1960s California with I Was A Teenage Werebear! A young, sexually confused high school senior runs afoul of a local biker gang and its dangerous leader. One bite later, and our hero is faced with a deadly curse – a curse that will transform him into a burly, leather-clad beast with an appetite for man-flesh! Can he fight the monster inside and win the love of his woman? Does he even want to?

The next sinister segment is The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. Inspired by the classic Universal horror flicks, this tale of terror finds a goofy, gibberish speaking Adolph Hitler (played by Avatar’s Joel David Moore), stumbling upon a young Jewish girl’s diary. Contained inside is the secret to reanimating the dead. Will Hitler create the ultimate killing machine? Or will his golem (Kane Hodder) realize that the fuhrer is a schmuck?

The last bit of blood-curdling cinema is Zom-B-Movie! It’s the last night for Cecil B. Kaufman’s beloved drive-in theatre, and he’s prepared a from-dusk-till-dawn marathon of horror (featuring Wadzilla, I Was a Teenage Werebear, and The Diary of Anne Frankenstein). But the horror will become all too real when horny hordes of the undead invade the drive-in, lusting for both human flesh and some hot, hot action!

Don’t miss the insanity! Don’t miss the mayhem! Don’t miss Chillerama, the SPUNKIEST horror film of the year! Tickets are only $10 and are available at The Lobby DVD Shop on Whyte (10815-82 Avenue) and at the door. This event will be licensed.

One Night Only! Friday, October 14 at 11:00 pm
Metro Cinema at the Garneau
8712 – 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Chillerama Tour Goes North of the Border to Edmonton

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