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Infestation site/poster online!Giant bugs have taken over the world. Only a ragtag group of survivors are left to save the world, or at the very least get someplace safe. It doesn’t hurt that our hero happens to join up with a very attractive young woman. Isn’t that always the way at the end of the world?

The film is called Infestation, which we first told you about back here (Rankin Gets Infested! – April 2007), and it comes from the same twisted brain who brought us the hilarious episodic Atom Films short, “HellHoles”, as well as the director of the second Project Greenlight movie, The Battle of Shaker Heights. Since a giant bug movie was his first choice for his second directorial effort, it’s pretty clear the guy likes his horror comedies and I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

The official site for Infestation is now online, though there’s not a lot to it yet. I just talked to Rankin the other day and he reported that they had just wrapped shooting in Bulgaria and now had 7 months (!) of post to look forward to. That’s gonna be a goddamn lot of big bugs.

Keep it here for more Infestation info as we gather it!

Johnny Butane

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