One Killer Not Enough For You? Slasher House Gives You Four!

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As Americans, we grow up with a few seemingly inborn values (similar to Robocop’s directives) … bigger is better, faster is better and if one is good, several is great (sometimes referred to as ‘The More The Merrier’ Philosophy). Well, some of our UK brethren have obviously gotten on board with these ideals and applied them to horror. The result? Slasher House…a film with one girl and four killers. I don’t like her chances.

Starring Eleanor James as the unfortunate lead character, Red, Slasher House plants our heroine right in the middle of an abandoned mental asylum. (How do these things keep turning up abandoned? We’ve really got to do some research here and get some more competent people running these nut houses. Please get me Amadeus Arkham and Drs. Harleen Quinzel and Jonathan Crane to handle this). To make things worse, the place isn’t completely abandoned. Stalking the halls are four horrendously brutal, criminally insane killers. Good luck, Red.

Slasher House also stars Adam Williams, Wellington Grosvenor, Andrew M. Greenwood and Alex Grimshaw as the four maniacs. The film was written and directed by MJ Dixon.

Filmmakers are planning a 2011 DVD/theatrical release, but you can check out the trailer below and find more info on the Slasher House website and Facebook page.

From the Press Release
From the makers of Creepsville comes a new slasher movie that will change the game forever. When Red, a young girl, awakens in a house, she has no idea how she has come to be there. Exploring her surroundings, she soon realizes that she is not alone; in fact she is trapped inside with some of the most notorious serial killers in the world. Now it is a race against time as one by one the cells open and each killer is unleashed to stalk her through the inescapable corridors of the Slasher House.

Slasher House is the second feature film production by prize winning independent studio Mycho Pictures and is their biggest and best to date. The film stars rising horror talent Eleanor James (Forest of the Damned, Hellbride) and was produced on a shoestring budget in the summer of 2010. It is planned for a 2011 release.

One Killer Not Enough For You? Slasher House Gives You Four!

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