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Any time one of our own gets to create something cool is a great day to be a part of the Dread Central family. Our very own Horror Chick, Heather Wixson, is getting set to try her hand at directing with the upcoming horror comedy short Paper Rock, Scissors. Read on for details and teaser art!

“So it’s with huge enthusiasm that I get to OFFICIALLY announce that on October 6th I will be directing my first (and only!) short film called PAPER ROCK, SCISSORS starring Corbett Tuck (INSIDIOUS) and Aaron Pruner (“VR Troopers”),” says Wixson in her initial announcement. “While I’m not giving anything away in terms of plot, what I can say is that it is a comedy with a horror twist, and it’s either going to be something people will really dig or they’re going to think I’m absolutely nuts.”

Just how we like things!

Wixson continues, “PAPER ROCK, SCISSORS was written by Bryan Ryan and will be my directorial debut and swan song – I love writing about horror, I love producing and I don’t really fancy myself a “director” so this is me just having some fun creating a quirky little tale that will hopefully be entertaining to a few people out there at the very least.”

For more information check out Heather’s Final Girl Films website and of course the official Paper Rock, Scissors Facebook page!

Paper, Rock, Scissors - Dare You Play?

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