Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Returns to Delight and Scare San Diego Audiences

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Once again, the Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego will extend the Halloween season with two days of short films, features, door prizes, and a haunted art gallery. This year’s event, which takes place November 4th and 5th, will be bigger and better than last–and scarier, too!

From the Press Release:
Last year saw the inception of San Diego’s first film festival dedicated to macabre cinema and art. The response from the audience and the neighborhood was so overwhelmingly positive that a second year became a certainty. On November 4th and 5th, 2011, that second year will become a reality, and it will be bigger and better than before!

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival has grown to two days of film and art, including 25 short films, 2 animated shorts, 2 music videos and 4 feature films, as well as a haunted gallery of dark or macabre art. The 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre at 930 – 10th Avenue in Downtown San Diego will host this event of thrills and chills. Horrible Imaginings is the brainchild of Monster Island Resort Podcast host Miguel Rodriguez. “It has become clear that the horror genre is something that can be embraced and understood by San Diego audiences,” Rodriguez said. “It is healthy to explore and express the dark parts of our psyche through the safe forum that film and art offers us. This genre has as much to offer as any other.”

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will continue the dual mission of bringing exposure to promising new filmmakers, while reviving classic films that many people may not have seen. This mission ensures a comprehensive exploration of what the genre has to offer. Rodriguez is very proud to offer Georges Franju’s 1960 dark French masterpiece Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without a Face) as one of his headlining revival features. One other secret revival feature is still yet to be announced.

Horrible Imaginings also celebrates diversity in both content and creators. The films offer and eclectic array of ways that fear can be expressed–from horror comedy to drama to more extreme examples. Likewise, the creators of the films are equally as diverse. Nine of the filmmakers are women, one filmmaker is gay, and others come from Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada. From countries all over the world, horror and fear prove to be universal emotions.

The Haunted Art Gallery, featuring the work of local and national artists who choose to express dark themes, was a staple of the first Horrible Imaginings and will be making an encore appearance. Two floors of art will be on display for audience members during breaks between films. There will be long breaks dedicated to the gallery and for dinner. Local burger aficionados Hodad’s will be providing big discounts for people with a Horrible Imaginings ticket. Hodad’s is located right next door to the theatre.

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Returns to Delight and Scare San Diego Audiences

Here’s the schedule so far:

Friday, November 4th

5:30 – Trailer Reel
6:00 – Shadows
6:09 – Dan Ochs
6:13 – Fearful John
6:24 – Road Rage
6:34 – Just Us
6:40 – Edgewood Park
7:00 – Scrutinize

7:05 – Break

7:20 – Star Beast
7:30 – Late Bloomer
7:43 – Dolls Factory
7:54 – The Familiar
8:16 – Bill Bob’s Zombie Emporium
8:20 – Giant Rubber Monster Movie

8:35 – Break

9:35 – Sophia’s Bypass Video
9:42 – Blenderstein
9:45 – TBA

11:20 – Break

11:30 – The Taint

12:37 – Rooftop After Party (runs until 2:00 am)

Saturday, November 5th

4:30 – Trailer Reel
5:00 – Show Me
5:13 – Scream Machine
5:28 – Doppelganger
5:34 – METH
6:00 – 12/15/1996
6:11 – Doll Parts

6:25 – Break

6:40 – My Undeadly
6:45 – Mac & Cheese
6:50 – Long Pigs

8:20 – Break

9:20 – AXED
10:00 – Survivalismo
10:10 – Omega Shell
10:25 – The Many Doors of Albert Whale

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Aaron’s Unamonos video
10:52 – Eyes Without a Face

This year’s Horrible Imaginings Film Fest is shaping up to be a memorable and terrifying way to keep Halloween alive in San Diego! For more details visit the official Horrible Imaginings website, follow Miguel Rodriguez on Twitter, and get to know Horrible Imaginings on Facebook.

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