Rotten Cotton & Black Devil Dolls

Jive-talking evil!Rotten Cotton‘s Shawn Lewis has teamed up as producer along with Black Sunday Films‘ Jonathan Lewis to bring you the new face of evil. A creature so foul … a ventriloquist dummy who just loves some rape and torture!

The synopsis sounds like Chucky and Dolemite got together, shot heroin into their eyes and rolled around in the sheets. What does that mean? Read this: “From the sick and twisted mind of Shawn Lewis, former editor and publisher of Blackest Heart Magazine and the creative force behind Rotten Cotton Graphics, comes the sleaziest Blaxploitation horror film ever envisioned.

Five naive young women are raped, abused and tortured by an evil jive-ass talking ventriloquist doll possessed by the spirit of an executed black militant death row inmate.

Who will survive? What will be left of them? Will their virginity be intact?

Holy fuck! Check out Black Devil Doll‘s MySpace page for more pics and news! Then head your asses over to Rotten Cotton and buy some shirts. Or else!!!


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