Author J.S. Bannerman Unleashes The Pitchfork Diaries: Volume One

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We know a lot of our readers are always on the lookout for new and different stories to add to their bookshelves and Kindles so when news of J.S. (Jake) Bannerman’s debut compilation of short stories and prose entitled The Pitchfork Diaries: Volume One crossed our desks, we just had to share.

Born and raised in the church, Bannerman has taken the dangerous stance to question events that have been spoon-fed to him as the truth since his childhood. He continually pushes boundaries as a purveyor of terror and often strives to find that disquietude that exists inside each one of us.

He is a nomad, calling no one place home; as a result you may find him in your town, writing at your local pub, crafting tales of horror so terrifyingly depraved and heartbreakingly cruel that you would never believe that they come from a mind as normal as his. Just beware because within each tale is a message; it’s up to you to figure out what it means.

The Pitchfork Diaries is a collection of short stories and prose unlike anything you have ever read before. Even the darkest and most violent imaginings of your mind cannot come close to matching the horrors contained within.

J.S. Bannerman, a new name in the horror genre, has skillfully woven a collection of tales that will inescapably work their way into your psyche, take up residence and relentlessly haunt you. Prepare yourself to be confronted by words that will threaten to shake the foundation of everything you thought you knew; no truth is too uncomfortable, no thought too gruesome to share.

All are invited to read The Pitchfork Diaries. Many will never be the same.

Author J.S. Bannerman Unleashes The Pitchfork Diaries: Volume One

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  • jakebannerman

    An explanation: 14 years ago I was told I have a rare form of leukemia a slow degenerate form of blood cancer that effects my joints (psoriatic arthritis ) as well as caused blockage in my veins due to the effects on my livers ability to properly filter.
    At the time they said I may not make it to 40. This is something I have kept quiet about for a long time.
    I am not going to die anytime soon,
    However due to the progression of the disease I am going to start chemo.
    My writing will not be effected many do not know this but in 8 months I wrote The Harvest,The Pitchfork Diaries and over 30,000 words of Return to Sender and have half of Pitchfork 2 finished AND the beginning of K13 which will come out Halloween 2012. I also have 9 more books in the works! I am not going to let me stop me I promise you. Each time a book sells a % goes to cancer research,
    Thanks to everyone who has written in my support and thank all of you who are a part of The Family of Dog/The Goat Franchise!
    Blessed are the Sick,