Hellgate Opens on Halloween

Diablo 3?We’ve been talking about Hellgate: London for years (A Horror Gaming Flood Is Coming – July 12, 2007). The first person role playing action adventure thingy from Flagship Studios (mostly made up of people that made the Diablo games) has been on the radar for so long I keep forgetting that it didn’t come out ages ago.

Well, it didn’t and Hellgate: London is finally going to make its way onto your PC this Halloween if you live in the US and November 2nd if you should happen to live in Europe.

The game is set unsurprisingly in a hellish version of London and has a few interesting ideas, namely the huge level of weapon customization and the randomized levels and quests, that haven’t really been tried before. It’s going to be interesting to see if the game lives up to its hype after all this time … but here’s hoping.


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