The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion’s Woodfalls

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We heard from writer/director David Campion today with the early word on his upcoming project with co-writer/co-director Ben Simpson, Woodfalls, which they and their producer Julia Volonts of Half Man Half Spam are hoping will be an artful, shocking, emotional thriller that will bring something new to the exploitation sub-genre. Read on for more details!

David tells us of Woodfalls: “This one’s going to be nasty! It’s been three years since [our first feature] Patrol Men (review here), and not a whole lot has changed. The release was great, but we’re far from content.”

Ben adds: “I guess Woodfalls is coming from a much darker place, which is strange because it’s also coming from a much more realistic place. Based on travelers, or gypsies as they’re commonly known, the film focuses on their struggle for survival. These people want to live, but because of their lifestyle they face discrimination from the local townsfolk.”

David chimes back in with: “Pure hatred…that’s the overriding theme of this film. Man’s hatred for his fellow man. It’s like an old folk tale, and we’re not trying to dress that up at all. The story is very simple, a proper A-to-B structure, but I hope really hope it packs a punch. We’re describing this as an exploitation film, but I’ve also been selling it as ‘American Graffiti meets Last House on the Left’, and I think that’s kind of accurate. This is a portrait of youth culture and sub-culture, with a very bloody twist.”

According to Ben shooting will begin in early March and last for about four weeks. As with Patrol Men, they’ll be taking advantage of as many locations as possible. The fictional town of Woodfalls is rooted in the countryside but has an urban centre.

When a family of travelers come to a rural town, conflict ensues amongst the locals. Stigmatized as “gypsies” they are not welcome. Woodfalls revolves around the children of the family, Billy and his sister, Rebecca. Billy is trying to fit in after being misunderstood for his unconventional way of life, and Rebecca is discovering her sexuality in an effort to escape the conservative nature of a traveler’s religious culture.

Billy makes friends whilst gaining a few enemies, putting his family in danger and stirring up conflict in the small town. As things heat up, Rebecca’s innocence is tainted, and the family breaks. Acceptance would be key but is inevitably absent in this exploitation thriller that questions the value of life and what’s worth putting up a fight for.

David and Ben both agree they can’t wait to shoot this one, and we can’t wait to see it! Check out some early posters by Gordon Reid and concept art by Louis Corallo below, and for more info visit Woodfalls on Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter.

The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion's Woodfalls

The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion's Woodfalls

The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion's Woodfalls

The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion's Woodfalls

The Early Word on Ben Simpson and David Campion's Woodfalls

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