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DVD Release List : Flies in Disturbia



May I present to you, the DVDs for Tuesday, August 7th, 2007…

Bad Reputation (2005)
Directed by Jim Hemphill

Damn you, horny teenagers! I mean, really, you have it coming when you molest a girl at a house party; you really need to expect her to go on a crazy killing spree. But don’t exacerbate the situation by making everyone think she now has a bad reputation. That’s just stupid. No one listens, though, and when the pretty but quiet Michelle is sick of hearing it, she enacts a fitting revenge. Check out our review of Bad Reputation for more! Buy it here!

Beneath (2007)
Directed by Dagen Merrill

Well, if nothing else it gets points for a pretty freaking cool cover. Aside from the big MTV logo at the top, that is. The story is about a girl who returns to her hometown years after a car accident that was her fault caused her older to be disfigured. She is, of course, completely guilt ridden about the whole thing, and pretty soon she learns that her worst nightmares are getting ready to come true. Buy it here!

Dead Heist (2006)
Directed by Bo Webb

Ah, so someone finally took my idea of setting From Dusk Till Dawn in a bank and re-casting it with somewhat unheard of rappers. Damnit! I knew I should have had that script copyrighted. Ah, well. So yeah, the story is about group of thugs who change their bank robbing plans last minute, only to find themselves trapped in the small town when the sun goes down and all the residents come out to drink the blood of the living. Ain’t that a bitch? Buy it here!

Disturbia (2007)
Directed by D.J. Cardone

Wow, are they serious with that cover? That’s just horrible. I mean, the picture is boring enough, sure, but to have a huge, uncredited quote to go along with it? It’s just damn tacky, which is too bad cause Disturbia, despite the horrible title as well, is actually a pretty cool little flick. Transformers star Shia LaBeouf is a kid under house arrest who believes his neighbor is a serial killer. It’s a bit slow at first but gets nice & thick at the end. Check out our Distrubia DVD review for more! Buy it here!

The Fly Collection
Directed by Various

All right, it’s about time we got all three Fly films in one set. Why the hell did it take so long anyway? First, the original The Fly with Vincent Price. Then in Return of the Fly it’s 15 years later, and the son of the first Fly does some transporting experiments of his own and finds out how close to his old man he really is. Finally in Curse of the Fly another son and his two kids make some experiments, and mistakes, of their own. Buy it here!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Directed by Phillip Kaufman

The first, and arguably best, remake of the classic sci-fi story, Kaufman’s film took all the right elements of paranoia and fear of one’s self and made them work perfectly. The story, as you know, is about a man who realizes that aliens are taking over the bodies of everyone he knows and, with some close friends, tries to get the hell out of San Francisco before their bodies get snatched, too. Buy it here!

Killerkiller (2007)
Directed by Pat Higgins

All right, I have to admit this sounds very cool. Out in the middle of nowhere, a secure facility exists that only houses serial killers. One morning the guards vanish and the doors open, but a freezing mist prevents the murderers from leaving. Then something starts killing them off. The remaining killers bicker and fight amongst themselves for as long as they live, but the strange thing is that the killer looks just like a traditional victim. A cheerleader, girl in the shower, camper, etc. Nice premise; I just hope they pulled it off! Buy it here!

Mustang Sally’s Horror House (2006)
Directed by Iren Koster

Six college guys who apparently can’t read too well think they’re getting the time of their life at Mustang Sally’s, which they believe to be a whorehouse. Instead it’s a horror house (ha! Cause they sound similar!) and there’s a lot of horror that goes down, I guess. I couldn’t really find any more info about it, so let’s just imagine that there’s genital mutilation, decapitation and bitch slapping. Buy it here!

My Wife and My Dead Wife (2007)
Directed by Tosca Miserendino

A man trapped in a miserable marriage finds solace in the ghost of a dead woman. You see, his wife won’t have sex with him and he’s pretty much gotten used to it, sleepwalking through his boring life, but then he finds a music box with a beautiful woman’s picture in it and becomes obsessed with her. Will his wife be able to pull him out of his obsession before he’s too far gone? Buy it here!

Rose of Death (2007)
Directed by L. Alan Brooks

Wow, could it be someone at Brain Damage listened when I complained about their big ass logo screwing up all their box art? I mean it’s still there on this one, but it’s not nearly as ugly. So what is Rose of Death, aside from a fairly lame title? Your usual story about friends with a dark secret having revenge taken on them exactly ten years after the incident. What’s with the random time frame, I wonder? Why not get your revenge right away? Buy it here!

Schizophreniac/Necromaniac on DVD!Schizphreniac/Necromaniac (1997/2003)Directed by Roy Atkins

So basically we have a pair of movies here that follow the exploits of a very sick and disturbed serial killer. Is he ever brought to justice for the horrible crimes he perpetrates? I doubt it; at least not in the first movie. This story is about a man on the brink of going over the edge who is willing to kill anyone who tries to prevent that fall from happening. He’s driven to kill, of course, by the demonic voice of a ventriloquist dummy. Sounds pretty horrific, but I wonder if it’s for the right reasons? Buy it here!

Storm of the DeadStorm of the Dead (2005)
Directed by Bob Cook

Florida is hit by a Category 5 hurricane, which is not all that uncommon, I don’t think. Anyway, the damage is so extensive that the President has to reactivate the Florida militia (?) in order to maintain control of the region, which I guess means the National Guard is just too damn busy. They’re allowed to shoot looters of course, but when one of the looters is the grandson of a voodoo queen, there’s a price to be paid for his death. A price … in blood! Buy it here!

The Traveler on DVD!The Traveler (2004)
Directed by Jonathan Skocik

Why would you go to a ramshackle old house for thrills? I mean, there are a lot more places out there that can be thrilling. What’s the appeal of some beaten up old house? Five kids are there for thrills, nonetheless, deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, and they’re soon joined by two more who stumble upon it. All seven are then pitted against an ancient evil who makes them face their own worst nightmares. My worst nightmare? Being so desperate for thrills that I end up in a decrepit old house in the middle of Pennsylvania. Shudder. Buy it here!

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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Are Truth Seekers Playing by Slaughterhouse Rulez



One of our favorite pairings of stars from the last twenty years is no doubt that of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Their chemistry is undeniable, and if you didn’t get enough of it in “Spaced,” Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, and Paul, you’re about to get a bellyful of it on both big and small screens.

Variety is reporting that Frost and Pegg will be starring in “Truth Seekers,” a half-hour comedy-horror TV show about a three-person paranormal investigation team.

According to the site, each installment of “Truth Seekers” will focus on a paranormal incident, a setup with clear monster-of-the-week potential. “Each episode is going to be an adventure, a potential haunting or something,” Pegg says. “It’ll start as a very parochial idea, a very small business venture for these people, but it will expand as the series goes on to be something far more global. It’s a language everyone understands, the mystery of the unknown. Shaun of the Dead was a very parochial story set in North London, and somehow it managed to get this global reach because everyone understands the language of zombie movies.

That’s not all, though… the pair are also working on the feature film Slaughterhouse Rulez, a horror-comedy now in post-production. Directed by Crispian Mills and set in a well-to-do public school, the movie is “very satirical, very much about the U.K. selling itself off,” Pegg says. “It’s about fracking as well, and that unleashes some awful subterranean demon.

Both of these projects will be released under their Stolen Picture shingle. Stay tuned, kids! More as we get it!

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Rest in Peace – Yôsuke Natsuki



We’ve lost another Kaiju legend today as reports are coming in that famed Japanese actor Yôsuke Natsuki has passed on at age 81.

Natsuki was a familiar face in several Godzilla films including Godzilla 1985 and Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster. Born in 1936, Yôsuke has made over 100 appearances in film with the last being in 2012’s Kirin.

We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to honor Natsuki’s friends, family members, and constituents.


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NSFW Kill Clip from Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Now Available on VOD



VOB now available on VOD!

For those who might not know, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is a sequel to the indie horror anthology Volumes of Blood, produced by P.J. Starks and Eric Huskisson (The Confession of Fred Krueger) and Christopher Bower (The Dooms Chapel Horror).

It features actor Moses Moseley, best known for his role as one of Michonne’s “Pet Walkers” on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”; the acting debut of WWE legend Sir Mo from Men on a Mission; and original music by Rocky Gray (drummer for We Are the Fallen, Living Sacrifice, formerly of Evanescence) and Shane Prather (Sharknado franchise, Sinister Squad, Lavalantula).

The flick recently hit VOD and to celebrate the release, the filmmakers have shared a “Kill Clip” from the movie to spread the bloody word.

You can check out the NSFW Kill Clip called “All Torn Up” in all its gory glory below and then let us know what you think.

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is now available on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and more!


A couple plan to purchase an old home but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a creepy realtor that may have more in store than they bargained for.

Searching floor by floor, they begin to discover the remnants of its sordid and terrifying past… A popular 80’s franchise gets a modern upgrade, but at what price? On Halloween night a teen left home alone meets a trick or treater that wants more than just candy. A door to door insurance salesman makes a Thanksgiving house call with monstrous consequences. Andrew and Sara are happily married and plan on spending some quality time together, but something sinister has other plans for their evening. Carol’s Christmas Eve turns into a fight for survival when a vengeful stranger isn’t feeling the holiday spirit. Lastly, a birthday party turns bloody when some unexpected guests drop by at the wrong time.

Seven interwoven tales of terror… how many stories does your house have?

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