Knoxville Horror Film Fest Slated for October 22-23

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Knoxville Horror Film Fest Slated for October 22-23Knoxville, we know you’re all Volunteer fans there, and things could be better for you. Florida just opened another can of whoop ass on you, and Tennesse’s most glorious alum, Peyton Manning, is on the shelf until who knows when. But fear not! I’ve got good news for you.

The Third Annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest will be kicking off at the Relix Variety Theater on October 22 and carrying on the madness through October 23. And the films we’ve heard rumored to be screened at this year’s festival are so good they’ll make you forget how Rainey ran through your defense like they were zombies (and I’m talking about the slow old school shuffling zombies, not the fast Dawn of the Dead remake ones – gotta tighten up that D).

So far we know the outstanding anthology film Chillerama will be headlining Sunday’s events. Other confirmed films are Javier Chillon’s Decapoda Shock, David Munoz’s Brutal Relax and Rider and Shiloh Strong’s The Dungeon Master.

The full line-up of films will be announced in October. Stay tuned for all the updates as we get them.

From the Press Release
The Knoxville Horror Film Fest will present its third annual program of shocking shorts on October 22 and 23 at Relix Variety Theatre, once again bringing in dozens of exclusive films from around the region and around the world!

Saturday night is the KHFF main event, with more than four hours of short films split between self-reliant Southeastern filmmakers and highlights from the international festival circuit. While the full lineup won’t be announced until early October (submissions are welcome through October 1), some buzzed-about films already confirmed for 2011 include Javier Chillon’s Decapoda Shock, David Munoz’s Brutal Relax and Rider and Shiloh Strong’s The Dungeon Master.

Awards for the best and bleakest of Saturday’s films will be presented on Sunday night, followed by our feature presentation of Chillerama, a taboo-busting new anthology film from a quartet of indie horror all-stars that includes Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (the upcoming Knights of Badassdom).

And since such an outrageous film deserves an equally twisted opening act, Sunday night will also feature a batch of fake B-movie trailers resulting from KHFF’s new Grindhouse Grind-Out filmmaking competition, in which teams from around Knoxville are given six days and 66 minutes to conceive and produce a four-minute exploitation-style movie in a style of our choosing. Aspiring schlockmeisters of all stripes are invited to meet at Relix for the Grindhouse Grind-Out kickoff event at 6:00 pm on Thursday, October 13; teams may also pre-register through the KHFF website for a reduced fee of $20.

Admission to the 2011 Knoxville Horror Film Festival will cost $10 per night, with two-night passes available for $18. Advance tickets can be purchased onlineand will be available at select local businesses starting in early October.

The Knoxville Horror Film Fest was launched in 2009 by scary movie enthusiast William Mahaffey in an attempt to bring fringe cinema to Knoxville while encouraging a community spirit among area horror fans and filmmakers. They have presented a number of genre screenings to hungry Knoxville audiences in the two years since their first annual event. Trailers and posters from past and future KHFF films are posted daily here.

For more information about KHFF visit Knoxvillehorrorfest.com or email William Mahaffey at info@knoxvillehorrorfest.com.

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