Take a Skinwalker Home

Skinwalkers poster (click to see it bigger!)If you’re anything like me, then you are probably addicted to hot women and motorcycles. Now imagine the sensory overload one such fan would have if a film were released that combines beautiful babes, motorcycles and vampires into a pulse-pounding horror movie with lots of explosions. That is exactly what we have in the upcoming flick Skinwalkers.

Over at Skinwalker’s official site there is a contest running where contestants can win a life-size SkinWalker that was designed by master creature creator Stan Winston. Pictures of the prize in question are not shown on the site, but watch this exclusive Skinwalkers clip! to get an idea.

After Dark Films’ Skinwalkers will be in theatres everywhere on August 10th! Hey, that’s my birthday! Who’s gonna take me to see it?

Kryten Syxx

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