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Bizarre Canadian Tradition Gets a Horror Twist in Short Film Lovely Mummers



Director Bhaveek Makan has set up an Indiegogo campaign to finance his home invasion short film Lovely Mummers, and we have all the info you need right here!

Makan grew up for a period in Newfoundland and became fascinated by the tradition of Mummering, which is when people will wear a disguise and visit visit other people’s homes to play music and drink their booze, with the homeowner then having to guess who is under the disguise. If you’ve never been to Newfoundland, that will probably sound pretty weird to you, but Makan provided a statement to describe his interest in the tradition and why he decided to make a horror film based around the concept:

Lovely Mummers is a horror short film that takes place in Newfoundland. It’s a film about human horrors, that are mixed in with old Newfoundland Folklore. Mummering is a fun Christmas tradition in Newfoundland that involves a group of locals who enter your home to sing, dance, and to get the owners to guess who they are under the disguise. I thought to make a dark twist that isn’t just about the Mummers, but the people under the disguise who are the monsters.

In the film a man named Daryl goes out to search for his daughter after she does not return from collecting firewood, but he soon discovers something seriously wrong with the Mummering party-goers in his community.

If that sounds like an idea you could get behind, the Indiegogo campaign for Lovely Mummers ends in less than two weeks so head on over!




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