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Don’t F*ck in the Woods 2 Adds Mindy Robinson As IndieGogo Campaign Hits 75%



Concept Media Films has just hit the 75% mark for the Don’t F*ck in the Woods 2 crowdfunding campaign. And to celebrate, we have a casting announcement!

We would like to announce that Mindy Robinson (Range 15, Check Point, Evil Bong 5, 666, and 777) has officially signed on to appear in Don’t F*ck in the Woods 2 as the character Vanessa. She joins already announced cast members Kaylee Williams, Mark Justice, Kayla Elizabeth, Cheyenne Gordon, Kenzie Phillips, Tom Komisar and returning cast members Brittany Blanton, Roman Jossart, Ayse Howard, and Brandy Mason.

We are excited to have Mindy join our already fantastic lineup,” director Shawn Burkett said in a statement. “We are so close to our goal we can taste the copious amounts of blood that will be on screen!”

In addition to the successful IndieGoGo campaign, the filmmakers are also still offering a return on investments to potential investors as well as any company that would like some product placements. Will you be contributing to DFITW2’s IndieGogo campaign before it’s too late? Let us know below!

DFITW2 is directed by Shawn Burkett. Written by Shawn Burkett and Cheyenne Gordon. Executive Produced by Chris Gierowski, Tim Fattig, Johnny Macabre.



Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2 picks up on the same day the first one left off, with our lone survivor trekking through the woods looking for help. She stumbles upon a summer camp where the counselors are busy doing renovations to prepare for the new season. Soon the night falls and once again clothes and bodies hit the floor. The creatures are back. And they have some new secrets to reveal…




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