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The Asylum Transplants You to Triassic World and More Mockbuster Madness



As I was recently watching Atlantic Rim: Resurrection, I found myself wondering if the age of The Asylum mockbuster might be coming to an end since they didn’t appear to be churning them out like they once had. Turns out there is no end to The Asylum’s mockbuster madness after all, including a film that’s available now!

Since Jurassic Park we’ve seen plenty of knock-offs come along with some truly cockamamie ideas for why dinos are being brought back to life in the age of modern man. The Asylum’s Triassic World boasts one of the loopiest: organ transplants. Sure, dinosaurs are reptiles more closely related to birds than mammals, but why let that get in the way of a good excuse to have prehistoric monsters running amok?

Actor Dylan Vox makes his directorial debut at the helm of this mockbuster from a script by Marc Gottlieb (Planet of the Sharks). Shellie Sterling, Joseph Harris, Hayley J. Williams, and Thomas Varga star.

Dinosaurs are back, used as the perfect animals to grow human organs for transplants. But in doing so, scientists have made them all but indestructible, leaving humans scrambling to fight back when the creatures escape a research lab.

Triassic World arrives on DVD/VOD June 19th. Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom hits theaters June 22nd. I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence.

Dinos aren’t the only mockbusters escaping The Asylum soon. Things are also looking pretty grim for the Avengers. No, not those Avengers. I’m talking about the Avengers Grimm.

Avengers Grimm: Time War is the sequel to The Asylum’s 2015 mockbuster that substituted public domain fairy tale characters for Marvel’s pantheon of superheroes. The sequel sees the diabolical Rumpelstiltskin escape from hell to give the storybook superheroes a really bad time.

Marah Fairclough and Lauren Parkinson return from the original as fairy tale femme fatales Sleeping Beauty and Snow White (I assume), along with newcomers Christina Licciardi and Michael Marcel. Maximilian Elfeldt directs from a script by original Avengers Grimm writer-director Jeremy M. Inman.

Unhappy being ruler of the Underworld, Rumpelstiltskin frees himself and goes into hiding, making plans to take over Earth once and for all. As the Avengers Grimm fight to stop him, they quickly discover it’s not where Rumpelstiltskin is hiding, but when, forcing our heroes to fight through the ages.

Avengers Grimm: Time War arrives on DVD/VOD May 1st, right between the original May and recently pushed up April release date of Avengers: Infinity War. Again, I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence.

One last amazing bit of timing: Tomb Raider hits theaters this weekend. Now on VOD (GooglePlay, to be specific), is this little Asylum coincidence: Tomb Invader. James Thomas directs; Gina Vitori, Samantha Bowling, Andrew J. Katers, Evan Weinstein, and Shawn McConnell star.

With promises of untold treasure, two modern-day adventurers team up to enter the ancient tomb of Quin Shi Haung and stop a madman from releasing the mercury trapped within.




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