NECA Gets Machete!

Machete toys are coming!Even if you didn’t make it out to Comic Con this year, there’s a good chance you were keeping up on all the cool new stuff NECA announced at the show, right? If not, a new blog over on NECA’s MySpace page lays them all out for you, and I have to say the list is just goddamn impressive (check out some of our pics of their new stuff in the Comic Con gallery).

I mean, these are the guys that made a name for themselves by being the first to make Hellraiser toys; now they’re working on Harry Potter and Alien vs. Predator 2. Gotta love the tenacity of the little guy sometimes.

Anyway, the point here was to let you know about one license in particular that they mention in passing, that of Machete, the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-helmed film that started its life as a faux trailer in front of Grindhouse. Though Rodriguez has said a few times that he wanted to make the movie, it’s a damn good sign that it really, truly is happening if NECA is already planning toys for it, no?

Be sure to read the aforementioned blog post for the rest of their new announcements, and keep an eye on the official NECA site for new toy images and news!

Johnny Butane

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