Author Steve Alten Releases MEG: Origins Prequel in all eBook Formats

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The latest installment in author Steve Alten’s MEG series is a prequel entitled MEG: Origins. Sold in all eBook formats, MEG: Origins promises to be another nail-biting, terrifying journey into the Mariana Trench to a time when sea monsters ruled the oceans.

From the Press Release:
As a teenager, NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten read JAWS – little did he know then how it would change his life forever. While devouring everything he could find on great white sharks and the true accounts of their attacks on man, he discovered their prehistoric cousin – the Megalodon – a 70-foot, 500-ton version of the great white shark. Even though Megs were easily the most formidable creatures ever to have existed, Alten was surprised to find very little written about these real-life monsters.

That would change in the summer of 1995, when Steve Alten happened to pick up a copy of Time magazine and on the front cover was the Mariana Trench. The article revealed the mysteries of the abyss and hydrothermal vents and the wondrous life forms that existed in this unexplored realm. It was at this moment that an idea was born and Steve found himself asking, ‘Now what was the name of that huge prehistoric shark I read about as a teen?’

MEG: Origins is like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The prequel to MEG, Alten’s first best-selling novel, it will give readers answers to what really happened to Jonas Taylor, the sole survivor of a mission seven years earlier who is haunted by what he knows he saw but can’t prove exists.

The story takes place on the last of a series of top-secret Naval dives into the Mariana Trench, a 7-mile deep, 1,500-mile long gorge located at the bottom of the Western Pacific – the very location the HMS Challenger located hundreds of Megalodon teeth back in the 1870s. Jonas Taylor is the Navy’s golden boy – a deep sea submersible pilot exuding no fear. But after three consecutive dives, Jonas is burned out, his mind in a fog. Little does he know that what awaits him in the abyss is the most frightening creature ever to have existed.

For anyone who has not yet read any of the MEG books, MEG: Origins will surely whet their appetite for things to come. Pleasant dreams … for now.

Steve Alten is a prolific writer whose compelling story-telling and rich detail makes for pulse-pounding adventure novels that take readers on underwater journeys they will never forget! The original MEG was optioned to publishers in twenty-five countries; its sequels have sold three million copies worldwide, and it has been optioned as a major motion picture to be released in the summer of 2013. A major announcement regarding a director for this $150 million feature is forthcoming.

As a special bonus to readers, renowned “MEG artist” Erik Hollander was commissioned to create nine original color images to introduce each chapter. Combining a white-knuckle story with dazzling images has set the bar for an eBook, with readers raving about the high-tech entertainment experience. Finally, as a way of honoring his loyal readers, Steve Alten is practically giving MEG: Origins away, pricing the eBook for only 99 cents!

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Author Steve Alten Releases MEG: Origins Prequel in all eBook Formats

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