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Gross-Out Trailer Unveiled for Disgusting Horror Game Carrion



There are gory video games. And then there’s Carrion. And no, the title isn’t hyperbolic; it’s literal. You see, Carrion has you playing as an undefined, blob-like creature with the sole intention of killing every human it encounters. Turning them into carrion, so to speak.

The team behind Carrion, Phobia Game Studio, was also behind last year’s 2D gorefest Butcher. Sebastian Krośkiewicz tweeted that he views Carrion as a “reverse horror game,” a sentiment that was also echoed on Carrion’s official website. The logic behind that statement is that the game has you playing as the monster rather than the humans, a bold departure from the norm.

In terms of gameplay, Carrion will employ a 2D sidescrolling approach, with the player having the ability to spear and dismember humans with the amorphous creature’s tentacles. As you can probably imagine, the kills will be as gruesomely over-the-top as possible, with PC Gamer saying that you’ll even have the ability to swallow people, then spit out their corpses, crush them to a pulp, and roll around in the filth. Even with its pixelated art style, the trailer for Carrion is still one of the most disgusting things you’ll see all day.

No word yet on when we can expect to play Carrion or if it will be heading to consoles, but you can peck at the rotting flesh on its Facebook page.



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