So, Pinhead Was Going to Look Like This in the Hellraiser Remake

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While I remain convinced that the now defunct Hellraiser remake with director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer would’ve been a good thing for the series (those guys are always attempting to tackle a remake differently, rather than retread familiar territory), I’m not so sure I can say the same for these Cenobite designs.

Shock Till You Drop got an exclusive look at some of the most interesting content to hit the web this week for horror fans. In it we see what make-up man Gary Tunnicliffe had come up with for the Hellraiser remake. You can check out remake Pinhead below:


Any filmmaker doing a remake obviously feels the urge to put their own stamp on the material, but the useless conic addition to Pinhead is more than a little jarring. Maybe I would’ve felt differently after seeing it in action, but there just doesn’t seem to be any need to change the character’s iconic look – remake or not.

Having said that, make sure you head on over to Shock to glimpse the other Cenobite designs. Frankly, they’re worse. Not bad as far as comic book monsters go, but any notion of “sweet suffering” appears to have been lost in these designs. And that, in essence, is Hellraiser.

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Matt Serafini


  1. His neck’s a little on the long side, but otherwise I don’t mind it. I don’t love it either. The other designs look too video gamey.

  2. Gary Tunnicliffe just doesn’t understand the concept of Hellraiser or its primary themes. Cenobites are surgeons and tortures’, who are also suffering themselves as well as the embodiment of sadomasochism. These desgins look like mashups of other characters (Silent Hill, Nightbreed, ect.) and not very original at all.

    “My notes say that he wanted ‘1. areas of revealed flesh where some kind of torture has, or is occurring. 2. something associated with butchery involved’ and then here we have a very Clive turn of phrase, I’ve written down, ‘repulsive glamour.’ And the other notes that I made about what he wanted was that they should be ‘magnificent super-butchers’.” – Original costume designer Jane Wildgoose.

    Yeah Creepy, that Pinhead face does look like Jack!

  3. It’s actually not bad. The inhumanly stretched neck might be creepy in motion.

    The Weinsteins should have kept the Martyrs director on this project. Even if it was only a cult classic those keep selling and reselling year after year.

  4. I think they look pretty cool. Scary has nothing to do with the look of the Cenobites; but as long as they’re strange and macabre; the stranger the better. The fact they’ve changed Pinhead a bit, I dig it. Other two, the last one reminds me of something from Clive Barker’s Jericho….that’d be a fun movie.

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