Two Big Announcements from Mile High Horror Film Festival

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Two Big Announcements from Mile High Horror Film FestivalThe Mile High Horror Film Festival, running October 7-9 in (where else) Denver, Colorado, has dropped some information on us concerning their upcoming event. We have in our hot little hands the names of the first feature film and short announced to be part of the festival. Interested? Read on, Broncoville.

The first full-length film festival organizers have leaked is Midnight Son. Written and directed by Scott Leberecht, helming his first feature, Midnight Son is a really unique take on the vampire genre that promises to keep audience enthralled throughout.

Midnight Son stars Zak Kilberg and Maya Parish with support from Arlen Escarpeta (Final Destination 5, Friday the 13th), veteran actor Tracy Walter (Batman), and Larry Cedar (Constantine, The Crazies. Cedar was also “some…thing…on the wing of the plane…” in Steven Spielberg’s The Twilight Zone: The Movie).

It was further announced that the short film The Legend of Beaver Dam will be on the schedule. Jerome Sable’s horror/comedy has been entertaining audiences worldwide, and The Mile High Horror Film Festival is sure it will do the same in Denver.

The Mile High Horror Film Festival will be held from October 7-9 at the Starz Film Center in Tivoli Theater, Denver, CO. Read on for more info on the first two announced films from the MHHFF.

From the Press Release:

The MHHFF will be the Colorado debut of Midnight Son
The Mile High Horror Film Festival strives to play the absolute best of the independent horror genre in any given year. Given recent announcements about film selections, this year promises to showcase the best ideas by the best producers and directors in the industry. Festival organizers have recently announced the acceptance of Midnight Son, which has been described as ‘a thinking man’s horror film’ and has wowed audiences at festivals around the world.

Midnight Son—a character study, which successfully leaves the audience glued to its seat—focuses on Jacob, a young man confined to a life of isolation due to a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. As this condition worsens and his symptoms turn more deadly for everyone, the audience is witness to the decisions that come with it and a cat and mouse game unlike any other.

The MHHFF is excited to be the Colorado debut for Midnight Son and fully expects fans to leave the theater ecstatic to have this new and ingenious take on the vampire subgenere.

Mile High Horror Film Festival Announces The Legend of Beaver Dam as First Short Entry
Audiences at the Sundance and Berlin International Film Festival have left theaters raving about The Legend of Beaver Dam’s ability to turn traditionally grotesque horror into something universally hilarious. In keeping with its tradition of playing only the best independent horror films of the year, the Mile High Horror Film Festival is thrilled to announce its audience will have the opportunity to indulge in a film which is being seen—and laughed at—around the world.

Directed by Jerome Sable, this short combines the pathos of a slasher film with the magic of a rock opera. Audience members will no doubt have cause to gasp, laugh, and possibly sing-along as the film’s young protagonist attempts to conquer a bloodthirsty, evil monster, which is conjured by innocent campfire story telling.

“One of the most inventive and groundbreaking horror shorts ever.” — Dread Central

“Pure bloody joy. Bursting with charm and invention, Beaver Dam is an ingeniously staged gore-soaked musical comedy that will blow minds across the universe. I adore this film.”— Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

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