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Mimesis Evolution – Exclusive First Look!



A few years back in 2012 Anchor Bay released an interesting film called Mimesis which found its main characters trying to survive in the weird world of Night of the Living Dead. Now the crew is back with Mimesis Evolution, and they’re getting ready to head into some truly frightening waters! Read on for your first word and look!

Douglas Schulze, creator of the original flick that featured Sid Haig (The Devil’s Rejects), Courtney Gaines (Children of the Corn), and the late Bill Hinzman (Night of the Living Dead), is readying to unleash his sequel later this year.

The first film followed a group of horror convention goers who are lured to a remote farmhouse to partake in a deadly recreation of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. The original film introduced us to a subculture of extreme role players who reenact classic horror films.

Schulze (HellMaster, Mimesis, The Dark Below) has been busy readying the follow-up that stars screen veteran Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator) and Allen Maldonado (ABCs “Blackish”) returning from the first Mimesis. The new Mimesis takes place at a private arts school where theater students are readying a unique Halloween performance of the vampire classic Nosferatu.

Mimesis Evolution is currently in post-production with the hope for a festival premiere this autumn.

Mimesis Evolution is a CINERG Production. Also starring Julie Kline, Joseph Scott Anthony, Jordan Campo, Derek Brandon, Crystal Lucas Perry, Mandalynn Carlson, and introducing Connor Alexander as Michael. Screenplay by Jeff Meyers (based on Schulze’s story). Produced by Kathryn McDermott and Kurt Mayry. Executive Producers Seth Willenson, Nandan Shah, Amrit Singh and LaVal Perry. Editor Andy Bisaha. Music by Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall).

For more check out Mimesis on Facebook.

Enough talk! Check out the exclusive stills below!



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