Halloween for Devil’s Due

Halloween: One Good ScareHow weird is this? Yesterday I was tossing some ideas for comics back and forth with a friend of the site, and one had to do with Halloween. Then, out of nowhere, Devil’s Due announced a line of Halloween comics for the near future! I really hope they’re not monitoring my thoughts again; last time was very embarrassing.

No details were given out, but you can head to the official Devil’s Due site to read the formal press release. Though it does say they will be “new horrific tales” about Michael Myers, we’re not sure if it will the Rob Zombie Myers or Carpenter’s.

Creators, artists, writers, etc. will be announced soon, but we have it on pretty good authority that Halloween: One Good Scare writer Stefan Hutchinson will be, if not the main writer, than at least one of the top scribes for the new series. Keep your eyeballs here for more details!

Johnny Butane

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