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Conrad Faraj’s The Colours of Desire Casts a Spell on VOD



We’ve been following director Conrad Faraj’s career with great interest round these parts, so we’re happy to announce that his latest movie, The Colours of Desire, is now availalbe to stream on VOD. We last reported on this unique black and white picture back in 2016, and we think it’s certainly been worth the wait.

Described as a “satirical film-noir unlike you’ve ever seen, filled with duels, cannibalism, magic, and a hint of the bizarre”, The Colours of Desire was the first film to be distributed by Faraj’s new Film & Fashion company, and stars Nick Earl, Roger Conners, Megan King, Rachel Anderson, John Maslowski, Aron Long, Laura Allen, Steven Farris, Brianna Burke, Richard T Phillis, and Anthony Jamison II.

If you’d like to get in on the weirdness, the film is available now on Amazon Prime (USA/UK online), and Vimeo On Demand (worldwide). It’s also set to arrive on DVD next month.

The Colours of Desire Official Synopsis
The Colours of Desire (112 min): This is a tale of the macabre and the absurd, where life is seemingly perfect and the impossible is at close reach. THE COLOURS OF DESIRE follows Vantser (Nick Earl) a lonely vagabond who stumbles upon a dead body, and summons a powerful body-collector named Termas (Roger Conners) who has magical gifts and unearthly visions. After their brief encounter, Termas recruits Vantser for a grisly mission in exchange for a life-altering wish.



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