Boll Sued for… A Website?

The subject of the New York Post suitOf all the things for Uwe Boll to get sued for, who would’ve thought that the first lawsuit brought against him would be for a website?

As ridiculous as it sounds, such is the case. The New York Post Co. filed suit against Boll for his Postal site which, as you may recall, is a mock-up of the New York Posts’s official site. The Post is claiming that Boll’s Postal site represents ”brazen and unlawful infringement of the New York Post’s valuable intellectual property,” While intellectual property isn’t always easy to prove, their case seems pretty cut and dried in this example.

So now they want Boll to stop using the site, transfer the existing domains to them, and of course pony up some cash. Cause I’m sure the Postal site has fooled hundred of people into thinking this crazy shit was on its front cover, causing them to cancel their subscriptions and run screaming which will, of course, eventually plunge The New York Post Co. into financial ruin. Riiiiiight.

Personally I think the whole thing is ridiculous, one would hope that a company with New York Post money would have better things to worry about, but such is obviously not the case. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, keep it here for updates!

Johnny Butane

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