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Attack of the Mushroom People Attacks Amazon Prime



We don’t typically get excited about press releases wanting to the world to know a 55-year-old monster movie has just been made available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers, but when that movie is Attack of the Mushroom People

Not familiar with this trippy 1963 creature feature from longtime Godzilla director Ishiro Honda? If you thought Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster was the pinnacle of bizarro Toho filmmaking, then you’ve never seen Matango, aka Attack of the Mushroom People.

After a yacht is damaged in a storm, its boarders stranded on a deserted island take refuge in a mysterious fungus-covered boat. With nothing else to eat, some members of the shipwrecked party begin to ingest mysterious mushrooms, transforming them into hideous monsters.

By “hideous monsters” they quite literally mean “mushroom people” that look like something Sid & Marty Krofft would have come up in the 1970’s had they ever attempted a Lovecraft-themed kid’s show.

H.P. Pufnstuf?

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce they have just released this fungal fright flick on Amazon Prime in the United States and United Kingdom.

Well, you gonna drop some shrooms or not?




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