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Classic Horror Posters Recreated Out of Clay



With all the nonsense about the Winter Olympics currently dominating headlines, we thought it would be great to share a story about someone who has actually put real creativity, hard work, and dedication into something, rather than obsessing over athletes for being able to run faster and throw objects farther than other people.

Artist Lizzie Campbell, who goes by the pseudonym Clay Disarray, shared a series of horror posters she created using clay models on BoredPanda. She stated that she mostly uses polymer clay and that each piece takes about two days to create. We’ve collected her clay horror posters in the gallery below, and you can learn more about Campbell’s work on her official website.

The movies and TV shows that she gave the clay treatment to include Night of the Living Dead, Alien, Beetlejuice, “Stranger Things,” and “American Horror Story”; and they look absolutely claytastic (sorry). I never thought I’d say this, but Pennywise actually looks even more terrifying when he’s made out of clay.

Salem’s Lot

Night of the Living Dead




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