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The Pact Gets a New Poster and Synopsis!



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While most sites were content with giving you a postage stamp-sized look at the new teaser one-sheet for The Pact, we decided to wait until we could get you cats a really good look at this sweet retro one-sheet! Dig it!

From the Press Release
Production has just wrapped on the terrifying ghost story The Pact, written and directed by Nicholas McCarthy. The feature is based on McCarthy’s short of the same name that premiered this past January at the Sundance Film Festival 2011. The financing was arranged by Content Media Corporation Ltd. Ross M. Dinerstein of Preferred Content produces, and Content Film’s President, Jamie Carmichael, serves as Executive Producer.

“The moment I saw the short film at Sundance, I knew there was an opportunity to make a really strong feature version,” says Carmichael, “and after meeting Nick, I was convinced that he was a real director with that special quality that would allow us to make a truly frightening but elevated genre film.”

The production is a rare case of a short film turning into a feature in less than a year after its premiere. The international sales team at Content screened the short in Park City and immediately knew that McCarthy’s short had the potential to make a great feature film. Carmichael enlisted the help of producer Ross M. Dinerstein, whom he worked with on Xavier Gens’ THE DIVIDE and Jonathan Liebesman’s THE KILLING ROOM, and set out to make McCarthy’s dream of directing a feature film a reality. McCarthy had only one condition – all of the department heads (Cinematographer Bridger Nielson, Production Designer Walter Barnett, Composer Ronen Landa, and Editor Adriaan van Zyl) from the short film had to be a part of the feature.

“Nick and his team did such a great job on the short,” says Dinerstein, “so it was an easy decision to make to bring everyone back for the movie.”

After just a few drafts the film was green-lit and the casting process began. The cast includes Caity Lotz in the lead role. Lotz was previously seen in “Mad Men” in a recurring role and MTV’s “Death Valley”, which debuted 29 August in the US. “Caity was my first choice from the beginning, and she blew us all away with her commitment,” says McCarthy. “She’s an amazing actress and a true star.”

The cast also includes Haley Hudson (Freaky Friday, Marley and Me), Kathleen Rose Perkins (The Island), Sam Ball (The Pact short, 13 Going on 30), Agnes Bruckner (Murder by Numbers), and fanboy favorite Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers).

Preferred Content’s Kevin Iwashina will be handling the North American distribution rights, and Content will be representing the international distribution rights.

The Pact Gets a New Poster and Synopsis!

Based on Nicholas McCarthy’s acclaimed spine-chilling Sundance 2011 short, and from the producer of Xavier Gens’ SXSW sensation THE DIVIDE, comes a terrifying ghost story in the classic horror tradition of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, Argento’s SUSPIRIA and Nakata’s RING…

When their mother dies, sisters Annie and Nicole finally begin to face their disturbing childhood, and the time they spent locked in the ‘punishment room.’ Soon Nicole visits her mother’s house to deal with the estate and spend the night — and mysteriously vanishes. Annie reluctantly returns home and begins rooting through her mother’s belongings for answers, happening upon a picture of her mother standing beside an unknown young woman and feeling an eerie presence…

Soon their cousin Liz, charged with caring for Nicole’s infant daughter Eva, joins Annie in the house, and all seems relatively calm — until Liz too disappears in the middle of the night. Desperately searching the house for her, Annie suddenly feels a hand grip the back of her neck before being brutally attacked by a violent, unseen force. Escaping with Eva and scared for her life, Annie’s frantic search for clues continues while she begins to experience visions of a mysterious figure hunched over, head in hands, rocking…

Unfolding like an intensely atmospheric and horrifying nightmare, with an extraordinary twist that will shock and surprise even the most well versed of horror fans, THE PACT delves into secrets so sinister, so deeply unsettling, so downright scary, that audiences will experience the true meaning of fear right up to the final unforgettable frame.

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Another WolfCop Gets Another Poster via The Dude Designs



It was only last week that we shared the bloody new trailer for writer-director Lowell Dean’s upcoming sequel to his hit horror-comedy flick WolfCop.

Today we have another poster for Another WolfCop.

This new poster comes to us from one of my current favorite poster artists, Tom “The Dude” Hodge. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, you surely know his work. To refamiliarize yourself, you can check out more of his posters right here.

Below you will find his new poster for Another WolfCop, along with the flick’s newest trailer. After that make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments!

The film is written and directed by Lowell Dean, produced by Bernie Hernando, Deborah Marks, and Hugh Patterson, and distributed worldwide by Cineplex.

Another WolfCop co-stars Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, and Serena Miller. The film also features special appearances from Canadian music icon Gowan and legendary filmmaker Kevin Smith. It was executive produced by Sean Buckley, J. Joly, Bill Marks, Brian Wideen, Michael Kennedy, and Michael Hirsch.

The film is slated for a wide Cineplex theatrical release on Friday, December 8, 2017, with the film seeing a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital home entertainment release through A71 and Black Fawn in 2018.

A month has passed since the eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou into the crime-fighting hellion WolfCop. Although the Shape Shifters controlling the town have been extinguished, Woodhaven is far from returning to normal. Lou’s liquor-fueled antics and full moon outbursts are seriously testing his relationship with Officer Tina Walsh – the new Chief of Police. An old friend has mysteriously reappeared with a truly bizarre secret to share, and a homicidal new villain has emerged from the shadows looking to finish what the Shape Shifters started. To defeat this lethal adversary, it will take more than a lone wolf packing a pistol.

Prepare for the next chapter of WolfCop that will be more dirty and hairy than the original! Consider yourself warned.

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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 140 – Pet Sematary 2



Ahoy there, fuckos! This week’s episode is brought to you by none other than Chris Franco! That’s right, it’s a Chris pick! So you know what that means, we’re cranking the cheese factor up to eleven! This week we’ve got $5 Furlongs, naked women with dog heads, and accents that are more forced than a Bill Cosby sexual encounter! That’s right, we watched  Pet Sematary 2 so you don’t have to!

Ever wonder which of us knows more lyrics to Ice, Ice, Baby? Well, Patreon found out, but perhaps there’s more singing in the actual episode. Download to find out!

Sometimes, dumb is better. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 140!

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Night of the Living Dead 4K and The Silence of the Lambs Come to the Criterion Collection



It’s been a long time coming for these two classics, especially Night of the Living Dead after the ridiculously bad transfer put out by Mill Creek Entertainment, whose transfer was supposedly remastered from a new 2K scan. I swear I thought it was some kind of a joke when I first put it on to watch. In any event…

IndieWire is reporting that horror classics Night of the Living Dead and The Silence of the Lambs will be added to the 2018 Criterion Collection, a hallmark label for home video cinephiles.

According to the site, Criterion will release a new 4K digital restoration of The Silence of the Lambs, which has been approved by the movie’s cinematographer Tak Fujimoto. Included on the DVD and Blu-ray sets are 35 minutes of deleted scenes and audio commentary from 1994 featuring the late Jonathan Demme (director), stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, screenwriter Ted Tally, and former FBI agent John Douglas.

Night of the Living Dead will also be released in 4K with never-before-seen 16mm dailies included as a bonus feature(!).

These will be added in February of 2018 so make sure you save up some cash after the holidays!

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