Hostel Discs are Packing

Roth ain't answeringWe already told you about the extra goodies to be contained on the upcoming Unrated DVD for Hostel: Part II (review) here ( “Double Dips in the Hostel”- July 30, 2007), and now the specs for the re-release of the original film have come across the quagmire that is our desks.

Is there a reason to double dip? One look at all these extras and you may just want to.

• Director and Executive Producer’s Commentary with Roth, Tarantino, Boaz Yakin and Scott Spiegel
• Director and Guests’ Commentary with Roth, actors Barbara Nedeljakova and Eythor Gudjonsson, editor George Folsey, Jr. and journalist Harry Knowles
• Director and Producer’s Commentary with Roth, producer Chris Biggs and documentarian Gabriel Roth
• Director’s Commentary with Roth

Five new featurettes:
• Music and Sound – Composer Nathan Barr takes us inside his studio and shows viewers his different instruments and how they were used for the film
• Set Design – A tour of conceptual drawings and sets used to create the film’s unsettling backdrop
• KNB Effects – The KNB EFX Group discusses the film’s horrific visual effects
• An Icelandic Meal with Actor Eythor Gudjonsson – Gudjonsson (Hostel) shares a bit of the Icelandic culture while enjoying one of the nation’s peculiar delicacies
• Takashi Miike Interview – An interview with noted film director Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Audition), who makes an appearance in the film

• “Hostel Dismembered” – International TV special
• “The Treatment” – KCRW radio interview with Roth by Elvis Mitchell
• “Kill The Car” multi-angle featurette
• “Hostel Dissected” – A three-part behind-the-scenes featurette
• Ten deleted scenes
• Four photo galleries hand-picked by Roth
• Option to choose between the theatrical or director’s cut endings

Now that’s what I call packing!

In other Roth news he announced officially at Comic-Con that his adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell is officially on hold. Sure that news is a couple of days old, but it gives me an excuse to use the picture you see to your right! YAY!

Uncle Creepy

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