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Hollywood Burns’ Invaders Gets April Release Date



Who doesn't like UFOs as a banner?

Blood Music has announced that they will be releasing Invaders, the debut album from electronic/synthwave artist Hollywood Burns, on April 13. The 11-track album is said to channel 1950’s sci-fi films and the radio dramas/plays of that era as well as 70’s funk, 80’s electronica, and healthy dashes of disco thrown into the mix. Basically, think Giorgio Moroder mashed up with Danny Elfman and you’ve got a good idea of what’s to come!

A teaser video can be seen below, which really hammers down that feeling of War of the Worlds meets “The Twilight Zone” meets labelmate Perturbator.

Hollywood Burns joins Blood Music synthwave artists GosT, Dan Terminus, Dynatron, and Tommy ’86 as well as metal groups Kauan, Lychgate, Irreversible Mechanism, and more.

Track list:
1) Opening Titles
2) Black Saucers
3) Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor
4) Carnal Encounters of the Third Kind
5) Girls with Guns
6) L’Era delle Ceneri
7) Bazaar of the Damned
8) Came to Annihilate
9) Revenge of the Black Saucers
10) Survivors
11) Closing Titles (bonus track)




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