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Exclusive: This Still/Born Clip is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare



This Friday sees the release of Still/Born, a horror/thriller about a woman who gives birth to twins only for one to survive. As she tends to the one that lived, strange events begin occurring that put her son’s life in danger. It’s up to Mary to figure out what’s going on so that she can save the life of her newborn son.

To celebrate the release, we’ve got a clip from the film that centers on Mary giving her son Adam a bath. When she’s called, Mary leaves the bathroom for a moment, allowing a malevolent force to close and lock the door while also opening the faucet, threatening Adam with drowning. Claustrophobically filmed, there is a real sense of danger in this scene. I strongly urge any parent to watch this clip with caution.

Mary, a new mother gives birth to two twins but only one of them is alive. While taking care of her remaining child, Adam, she suspects that something, a supernatural entity, has chosen her child and will stop at nothing to take it from her.

Directed by Brandon Christensen, who co-wrote the film with Grave Encounters 2‘s Colin Minihan, Still/Born stars Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, and Rebecca Olson.

It won the award for Scariest Film at the 2017 Overlook Film Festival.




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