Kasten’s Bloody Bath

Jeremy KastenDirector Jeremy Kasten’s film Wizard of Gore (review) may not have given off great first impressions to some Fantasia attendees, but he is going to keep pressing on in the horror genre despite what folks think. The man is adamant about his work and will probably keep growing in skill as a director (Audio Interview – May 21, 2007).

Jeremy does have more on his plate as he informed Fangoria about an upcoming project that sounds more like an experiment than an actual film: Blood Bubble Bath. Mr. Kasten wants to hire five professional script writers and an additional five that are newer to the game but are showing real potential. From that point each of them will compose ten pages, sort of like a run-on story where the next scribe in line will read the previous work and simply add on to it. This creative type of project development won’t be turned into a series of small movies, but a continuous story involving a single protagonist.

You know … it is just crazy enough to work. No one has been named in association with the staff tasked with such an odd job, but the good news is that Blood Bubble Bath will be completely self-financed so there won’t be anyone looking over Jeremy Kasten’s shoulder as he makes his idea become reality.

We’ll update as soon as some names for the cast and crew are announced.

Kryten Syxx

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