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UK Toy Fair 2018: Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, and More



The UK Toy Fair of 2018 is well underway and our pals over at Idle Hands have been snapping some amazing pictures of upcoming figures and toys that will be making their way to shelves in the future.

We’ve been working directly with Idle Hands to showcase some of their images that we think are not only horror-relevant but just so damn cool that we can’t help but show them off! To that end, we want to share some images from a few properties that might put your wallets in a state of terror!

First up, we’ve got new figures from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Looks like we’re going to get individual character boxes as well as a deluxe edition for Daryl, which will include his motorcycle.

Next is a small gathering of figures and set pieces from the video game Hello Neighbor, which theoretically doesn’t sound like a horror title but it is. Trust me on this, it really is.

After that, we come to the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things”, where we see we’ll be getting a boxset of the four main boys in their Ghostbusters Halloween outfits! There will also be a Demogorgon statue as well as a box of Dustin with the baby Demogorgon. Too cute!

From the surreal title We Happy Few, we’ve got the “Bobby” character, a policeman with a haunting mask and a deadly looking baton.

Last up, there’s a new Ghostbusters 2 set from Playmobil of Dr. Venkman, Slimer, and a set that they can interact in. The cool thing about this set is that it’s compatible with Playmobil’s app where you can “capture” a ghost in the included ghost trap! To see it in action, here’s a video (the action starts around 6:10).



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