24 Invisible Mammoths on DVD

The Invisible DVD (click for larger image)Many should know by now that The Invisible (review) was a sad and boring bit of teen trash. It is hard to enjoy a film where the lead character is a whiny emo kid who falls in love with the girl responsible for his death just because she removes her hat. I am being serious. Taking off a hat to reveal long hair/hidden beauty makes one fall madly in love with their killer.

If that kind of plot actually appeals to you, then it is a good thing you can pre-order The Invisible at the EvilShop and enjoy its offerings come October 16th. Joy! I would try to sell you on this DVD more, but special features are not listed so far, and seeing as how this film wasn’t exactly box office gold, there probably won’t be many supplements.

The Mammoth DVD (click for larger image)Another DVD we know little about, Mammoth (review), is set for release in the U.K. on August 13th. The cover art is very promising, but as Foy can tell you … expect something foul smelling. The stink grew ever more potent when I saw Tim Cox was the director and writer. His credits include Alien Lockdown and Larva (review). Ever heard of them? There is a good reason why you haven’t!

Hell, just read the IMDB synopsis of the flick if proof is needed: “When a meteor smashes into a Pleistocene museum, the fury of a partially frozen, 40,000 year old mammoth is unleashed on a small country town. Under orders to contain the threat that possesses the mammoth at all costs, Special Agents Powers and Whitaker are given 17 hours to kill the mammoth or the entire town will be decimated. They recruit local paleontologist, Dr. Frank Abernathy, to help them hunt the creature down before its rampage of death and destruction gets to the outside world. With the clock ticking and the body count rising, the only chance Dr. Abernathy has of saving his daughter and B-movie fanatic father is to help the agents destroy his life’s work.

Like The Invisible mentioned above, the information we gathered from DVD Active points to no bonus features for the U.K. version of Mammoth. Creature feature lovers and those sadists who sit through Sci-Fi Channel flicks will no doubt want to gobble this up, but I suggest waiting until the Region 1 version comes out. No sense in spending extra money on an import, especially a Mammoth one.

Some fiend is going around the DVD industry right now and snagging up all the special features. Every new release bit of info that surfaced today has led to bare bones discs. Well, honestly some of these titles don’t really deserve much more than trailers and interactive menus.

According to DVD Active that is just what we’ll be getting with director Sean Hogan’s The Haunting of #24. There is little information on this title, but we’ll probably get it in the mail soon enough to review. It should be noted that there are a few positive words floating about in regards to 24, so take that as you will.

Take a chance and pre-order The Haunting of #24 at the EvilShop.

Kryten Syxx

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