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In recent years France has been among the front-runners in pushing the boundaries of modern horror. With such offerings as Frontier(s), Inside and High Tension, French filmmakers have been making us seriously squirm. It is with this reminder of the quality of their filmmaking that we at Dread Central bring you an announcement of the film list from the 17th Annual L’Etrange Festival, France’s biggest horror film festival.

With over 70 films being screened and more than 17,000 attendees expected to descend on Paris, Le’Etrange Festival COMPLETE listing of the festival’s events:

From the Press Release
L’Étrange Festival – a unique event bringing filmgoers a fascinating roster of provocative and eye-opening films – is thrilled to announce the line-up for its 17th edition, September 2 – 11, 2011 in Paris, France.

The 2011 line-up continues the tradition of highlighting emerging talent, paying homage to independent-minded filmmakers and featuring a truly diverse program that includes cutting-edge works, outlandish genre movies, lost masterpieces, innovative shorts…

Over the course of 10 days, 70 brand new features will screen at L’Étrange Festival, among which will be two International Premieres, two European Premieres and 25 French Premieres

Features include such films as Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn (with Ryan Gosling), Walk Away Renee by Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation), Beyond the Black Rainbow by Panos Cosmatos, Bullhead by Michael R. Roskam, Greetings to the Devil by J.F Orozco, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark by Troy Nixey (with Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce).

Additionally, many high-profile Asian films such as Redline by Takashi Koike, Guilty of Romance by Sono Sion, Tomie Unlimited by Noboru Iguchi and Revenge: A Love Story by Ching-Po Wong.

A record of 22 feature-length films have been selected for the Nouveau Genre competition and will vie for a cash prize award amounting to the purchase of the French premium broadcast rights by Canal+Cinema.

The 2009 “Nouveau Genre” award went to Buried which had its French Premiere at L’Etrange Festival even before becoming an international hit.


–a special evening with Mister Rutger Hauer himself, consisting of a retrospective of his most prominent and defining films such as The Mill and the Cross by Lech Majewski, Flesh+Blood by Paul Verhoeven and The Hitcher by Robert Harmon

–a CARTE BLANCHE offered to subversive filmmaker Liliana Cavani (The Night Porter), punk cineaste Julien Temple (The Filth and the Fury, The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle) and Jean-Pierre Mocky, the enfant terrible of French cinema (À Mort L’Arbitre, L’Albatros, Solo).

–a focus dedicated to controversial Belgian newcomer Koen Mortier, featuring Ex Drummer and 22nd of May

–a GRINDHOUSE NIGHT, supported by Canal+Cinema, featuring hobos, shotguns, maniacs, benevolent rednecks, Norwegian Ninjas, mercenaries and the last fertile woman on earth, notwithstanding a highly fascinating desert-set car race…

–a wild and over-the-top SUSHI-TYPHOON NIGHT hosted by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Yumiko Hara

–Three world creations for sidebar event L’ETRANGE MUSIQUE: Marc Caro, Tuxedomoon and Boyd Rice (aka NON) will perform live exclusive new soundtracks to three masterpieces of obscure and deviant cinema.

–an International Short Film Competition consisting of the most creative and innovative productions of the last 10 months

–And, last but not least, an unparalleled guest roster including such diverse talents as Xavier Gens, Douglas Buck, Richard Stanley, Buddy Giovinazzo, Claire Devers, Serge Bromberg, Michael R. Roskam, Agnès Merlet, Maartje Seyferth, Victor Nieuwenhuijs


2-11 September – Forum des Images – Paris
The Divide-Xavier Gens (USA/France) French Premiere – Opening Performance
Tomie Unlimited-Noboru Iguchi (Japan) French Premiere
The Theatre Bizarre-Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Tom Savini & Richard Stanley (France) French Premiere
Hell-Luis Estrada (Mexico) Unreleased
Revenge : A Love Story-Ching-Po Wong (China) French Premiere
Stake Land-Jim Mickle (USA) French Premiere
Redline-Takeshi Koike (Japan) Unreleased
The Woman-Lucky McKee (USA) French Premiere
The UnjustRyoo Seung Wan (Korea) Unreleased
Guilty of Romance-Sono Sion (Japan) Unreleased
MeatM. Seyferth & V. Nieuwenhuijs (Belgium) French Premiere
22nd of May-Koen Mortier (Belgium) French Premiere
Hideaways-Agnès Merlet (France) French Premiere
Milocrorze: A Love Story-Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Japan) French Premiere
Beyond the Black Rainbow-de P. Cosmatos (USA) French Premiere
Bull head-Michael R. Roskam (Belgium) Preview
Kill List-Ben Wheatley (UK) French Premiere
Wake Wood-David Keating (UK) French Premiere
Greetings to the Devil-J.F Orozco (Colombia) International Premiere
Confessions-T.Nakashima (Japan) French Premiere
The Clinic-James Rabbits (Australia) French Premiere
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark-Troy Nixey (USA) French Premiere – Closing film

Take Shelter-Jeff Nichols (USA) Preview
Cold Fish-Sono Sion (Japan) Unreleased
A Pool Without Water-Koji Wakamatsu (Japan) Unreleased
Walk Away Renée-Work in progress-Jonathan Caouette (USA) Preview
The Man From Nowhere-Jeong-Beom Lee (Korea) Unreleased
Endhiran, Robot the Movie-Shankar (India) European Premiere
Dead Heads-Brett Pierce & Drew T. Pierce (UK) French Premiere
Horny House of Horror-Jun Tsugita (Japan) French Premiere
The Uncle from Brooklyn-Daniele Cipri & Franco Maresco (Italy) Preview
Super-James Gunn (USA) French Premiere
The OregonianDead Ball-Yudai Yamguchi (Japan) French Premiere
Drive-Nicolas Winding Refn (USA) Preview
Jean Rollin, le rêveur égaré-D.Dupont & Y.Pierre-Kaiser (France) European Premiere

Ex Drummer-Koen Mortier (Belgium) French Premiere
22nd of May-Koen Mortier (Belgium) French Premiere (also participating the International Competition)
A Hard Days Work (short film)-Koen Mortier (Belgium)
Ana Jennei (short film)-Koen Mortier (Belgium)

Hobo With a Shotgun-Jason Eisener
Norvegian Ninja-Thomas Cappelen Malling
Tucker & Dale vs Evil-Eli Craig
2019: After the Fall of New York-Sergio Martino
Grindhouse, the Next G-Didier Allouch (documentary)

SUSHI-TYPHOON NIGHT hosted by Yoshihiro Nishimura & Yumiko Hara
Helldriver – Director’s cut-Yoshihiro Nishimura-French Premiere
Yakuza Weapon-Tak Sakaguchi & Yûdai Yamaguchi-Unreleased
Karate Robo Zaborgar-Noboru Iguchi-French Premiere
Alien vs Ninja-Seiji Chiba-Unreleased

The Mill & The Cross-Lech Majewski-French Premiere
Flesh & Blood-Paul Verhoeven
Hitcher-Robert Harmon

La Ricotta-P.P. Pasolini
The Passion of Joan of Arc-Carl T. Dreyer
Aparajito, The Unvanquished-Satyajit Ray
The Night Porter-Liliana Cavani

L’Atalante-Jean Vigo
Come and See-Elem Klimov
Out of the pastJacques Tourneur
Simon of the DesertLuis Buñuel
Requiem for Detroit?-Julien Temple – World Premiere

Moranbong-Jean-Claude Bonnardot
Requiem for a Heavyweight-Ralph Nelson
The Last Hurrah-John Ford
Long Live Death-Arrabal

L’ETRANGE MUSIQUE-Music on films
-Tuxedomoon plays James Bidgood’s Pink narcissus (World Creation)
-Marc Caro plays Caro & Jeunet’s The Bunker of the Last Gunshots (World Creation)
-Boyd Rice plays John Parker’s Daughter of horror (World Creation)

A Bell from Hell-Claudio Guerin
Noir & blanc-Claire Devers
Life According to Agfa-Assi Dayan
The thief-Russel Rouse
Alone in the Dark-Jack Sholder

RETOUR DE FLAMME with piano performance by Serge Bromberg
-Winsor Mc Cay, the animator

SHORT FILMS / INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Audience Choice & Canal+ Award) – Five programs
Microphobia (Nikki Schuster – Germany – 2010 – 7’ – Experimental)
Attack (Adam White – Australia – 2010 – 12’22 – Fiction)
Chernokids (Matthieu Bernadat, Nils Boussuge, Florence Ciuccoli, Clément Deltour, Marion Petegnief – France – 2010 – 7’ – Animation)
The Holy Chicken of Life and Music (Nomint – Grece – 2010 – 2’35 –Animation)
Storyteller (Nicolas Provost – Belgium – 2010 – 7’40 – Experimental)
Ninjas (Dennison Ramalho – Brazil – 2010 – 23’ – Fiction)
Martyris (Luis Felipe Hernandez Alanis – Mexico – 2010 – 8’ – Animation)
La Gran Carrera (Kote Camacho – Spain – 2010 – 6’24 – Fiction)
Der Kleine Nazi (Petra Lüschow – Germany – 2010 – 13’23 – Fiction)
Erään Hyönteisen Tuho (Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen – Finland –2010 – 7’ – Animation)
Food About You (Alexandre Dubosc – France – 2010 – 1’ 37 – Animation)
Nullarbor (Alister Lockhart & Patrick Sarell – Australia – 2010 – 10’15 –Animation)
Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle (Dalibor Baric – Croatia – 2010 – 4’ –Animation)
Tub (Bobby Miller – USA – 2010 – 12’ – Fiction)
Red Road (Jéro Yun – France – 2010 – 8’ 48 – Experimental)
Varfix (Kotaro Tanaka – Japan – 2010 – 8’23 – Animation)
Play God (Teemu Nikki – Finland – 2010 – 38’35 – Documentary)
The Adder’s Bite (Firas Momani – Canada – 2010 – 9’ – Experimental)
1925 (Max Hattler – Denmark, Germany, UK – 2010 – 1’36 – Animation)
Chronique de la Poisse (Osman Cerfon – France – 2010 – 6’17 – Animation)
Synchronisation (Rimas Sakalauskas – Lithuania – 2010 – 8’ – Experimental)
Dirkjan Heerst! (Wilfred Ottenheijm & Remco Polman – Netherlands – 2010 –2’30 – Animation)
Fast Forward Little Red Riding Hood (Sjaak Rood – NeteherLands – 2010 – 1’30 – Animation)
Love Birds (Brian Lye – Czech Republic – 2010 – 6’ 52 – Experimental)
Awfully Deep (Daniel Florencio – UK, Brazil – 2010 – 12’ 20 – Fiction)
1923 (Max Hattler – Denmark, Germany, UK – 2010 – 1’ 34 – Animation)
Bad Night for the Blues (Chris Shepherd – UK – 2010 – 15’ – Fiction)
The 3rd Letter (Grzegorz Jonkajtys – USA – 2010 – 15’ – Fiction)
Wisdom Teeth (Don Hertzfeldt – USA – 2010 – 5’50 – Animation)
How To Raise The Moon (Anja Struck – Germany/Denmark – 2011 – 8’29 –Animation)
Merry Little Christmas (Manuel Marin & Ignacio Martin – Spain – 2010 – 20’ –Fiction)
Venus (Tor Fruergaard – Denmark – 2010 – 8’ – Animation)
Luminaris (Juan Pablo – Argentina – 2011 – 6’ – Animation)
Telegraphics (Antoine Delacharlery, Lena Schneider, Léopold Parent, Thomas Thibault – France – 2010 – 6’45 – Animation)
Things You’d Better Not Mix Up (Joost Lieuwma – Netherlands – 2010 – 2’ –Fiction)
Conversation Piece (Joe Tunmer – UK – 2009 – 7’ – Fiction)
Bobby Yeah (Robert Morgan – UK – 2011 – 23’ – Animation)
Paths of Hate (Damian Nenow – Poland – 2010 – 10’ – Animation)
Condamné à Vie (Iris Alexandre – Belgium – 2010 – 4’38 – Animation)
Heavy Heads (Helena Frank – Denmark – 2010 – 7’34 – Animation)
A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation (Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuch-tenberg)– Germany – 2010 – 14’38 – Animation)
Decapoda Shock (Javier Chillon – Spain – 2011 – 9’19 – Fiction)
Get Real! (Evert de Beijer – Netherlands – 2010 – 11’ 27– Animation)
Putain Lapin (Guérin Van De Vorst – Belgium – 2010 – 10’ – Fiction)
Bottom of the River (Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney – UK – 2009 – 3’07 –Animation)
Sudd (Erik Rosenlund – Denmark – 2011 – 15’ – Animation)
Endless (Matt Bloom – UK – 2011 – 9’ – Fiction)

L'Etrange Festival 2011 Announces Line-Up

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