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Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil – Exclusive Trailer, Stills, Poster and More



Urban legends are often conjured from reality. Cases in point: Candyman’s roots lay in the true life 1974 crimes of Houston, Texas’ Robert O’Bryan, who murdered his son with a cyanide-laced Pixy Stik on Halloween night, while Pittsburgh’s boogeyman “Charlie No-Face,” a deformed monster who purportedly prowled the city at night, was in actuality resident Raymond Robison, who having suffered horrific burns as a child while horsing around on an electrified trolley bridge, did just that, in the hopes that he wouldn’t terrify the daytime populace. Rich, if not macabre, territory to mine, certainly, and that creative tradition is set to continue with the independent feature film Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil, loosely based on a solitary and supposedly cursed oak tree which resides in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Co-written and directed by Chris Alonso and Joshua Louis from a story from the latter, Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil stars Maddy Curley, Eddie Kaulukukui and Roberto Escobar, and according to the feature’s official synopsis, revolves around, “Samantha (Curley), a college student studying journalism, who needs to finish her thesis with one last breaking news story. Along with her friend Rob, Samantha stumbles across a news article about an old tree in a local park where many horrible acts occurred. The locals have given the tree the name Devils Tree because of its urban legends of mass murders, satanic rituals, and paranormal activity. She decides this is the perfect story to finish her thesis on. As Sam digs deeper into the realm of the tree, she begins to uncover the truth about these urban legends. Struggling with her own demons of her past, Samantha is confronted with the true demon of the tree and now must expose the truth in hopes to set it free. In the end, Samantha finds the real reason why evil is so rooted at The Devil’s Tree.”

Produced by Jonathan Phillips and Matt Weight, release info for Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil is forthcoming. In the meantime, check out stills and the rather cool trailer below, and for more, visit the film on its official site at




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