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Dread Central Presents – From Concept to Reality! First VOD and Theatrical Releases Happening in DAYS!



Here at Dread Central we’ve always prided ourselves on becoming a genre leader with an indie spirit. Indie horror is very much the lifeblood of the genre. While big studio productions are wonderful in their own right, you just never know who the next Carpenter, Raimi, Craven, Hooper, or even Romero would be. They need to start somewhere, and with Dread Central Presents we’re hoping to give young talented filmmakers of all races, colors, nationalities, sexes, and creeds the proper amount of spotlight they deserve.

This time last year Dread Central Presents was a concept. The brainchild of us and our partnership with the fine folks over at Epic Pictures. Slowly but consistently the pieces started coming together. The addition of Rob Galluzzo stoked the fire into a blaze, and now we are MORE THAN ecstatic to remind you guys that our first Video On Demand release is happening on January 15th with the premiere of Pål Øie’s Villmark Asylum on Amazon Prime!

An abandoned sanatorium is deteriorating in a remote forest in the mountains. The building is going to be demolished, and five contractors have taken on the task of inspecting the enormous building for hazardous materials. While attempting to shut off the water, they are led into a dark basement labyrinth. They soon find themselves face to face with the sanatoriums gruesome past. You can demolish a building, but never remove the past.

Shortly after that on January 25th and 26th, there will be double-feature theatrical screenings of Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight and Turbo Kid. Click here for all the information you need to catch these bad boys up on the big screen.

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