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Johnathon Schaech Gives the Scoop on His Role in Day of the Dead: Bloodline



With Johnathon Schaech being no stranger to horror films in his lengthy resume (Prom Night remake, Quarantine), his role in the rebooting of Day of the Dead gives the zombie aficionados a “Bub-makeover” in 2018. He was more than kind enough to give us a peek into the role as well as what he had to do to get ready to play the rotting soul.

Read on and enjoy!

DC: Johnathon, what can you tell us about your role as Max in the film?

JS: Well, Max is kind of a monster in the movie even before the zombie invasion, and he goes about getting the girl that he wants all the wrong way, ending up getting infected with the disease and being trapped in a limbo-state.

DC: You’re no stranger to getting yourself into some physical roles such as this one – how do you prepare for a performance like this?

JS: I gained about 35 lbs. of muscle – trained and ate almost 6,000 calories a day, and one of the things that I wanted to do was have Max be so imposing that when you looked at him (in full makeup), you knew that he was that monster, and with the amount of weight and size that I’d put on, it would help with the stunts and the physical elements, and it really was a very challenging role.

DC: Your career has a lengthy list of both film and TV roles – what do you personally see as the greatest difference when getting ready for each respective role?

JS: Time – when you get hired for a film, you usually have time to prepare, as for a TV role you have to get ready pretty quickly. At least, that’s what I’ve come up with – when I got Jonah Hex, I think I was then performing the role within 4-5 days, as with this film I had about 8 weeks to build my body up and get ready for the role.

DC: After the release of Day of the Dead: Bloodline, what will be keeping you busy in the new year?

JS: I’m going to be continuing my role as Jonah Hex on “Legends of Tomorrow” so be on the lookout for that.

From director Hèctor Hernández Vicens (The Corpse of Anna Fritz), Day of the Dead: Bloodline stars Sophie Skelton and Johnathon Schaech. Look for it on Blu-ray and DVD this coming February 6th. Special features include “Day of the Dead: Bloodline: Reviving Horror” featurette.

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