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Experiment in TortureIf there’s one thing the movie Captivity (review) taught me, it’s that if you just have to kidnap and torture another human being, then you might as make it a hot chick. Movie slashers have understood for decades that attractive women make for the best victims, but for some reason the torture porn genre has been a bit slow to catch on.

Now if anyone understands torture porn, it would be Lionsgate AKA “The Saw Studio”, so it only makes sense that they would be releasing a sexed-up experiment in torture that just happens to be titled Experiment in Torture. Specifically, it seems to be an experiment to find out what happens when you mix together Saw, Hostel, Bucket of Blood, and Stripped to Kill. I believe the late Mr. Wizard also once conducted that experiment, only in his version he threw in some dry ice. The things that man could do with dry ice…

This exercise in human depravity is about a wealthy voyeur who waves some $100 bills in the faces of some exotic dancers, luring the women to his remote, mountain hideaway. One would immediately think the remoteness of the location from which escape would no doubt be difficult would be enough to set off some warning bells, but then we all know strippers generally aren’t the brightest of bulbs to begin with. Sure enough, they get there and quickly find themselves drugged, tied up, and sadistically tortured with everything from blowtorches to power drills by a madman seeking to use their bodies as a canvas for his twisted artwork. I’m curious to see how the killer works their tramp stamps into his paintings; I mean they’re modern day strippers so they must be covered with unsightly tattoos, right?

There is no listing for Experiment in Torture on IMDB, not even in the filmography of any of the four people with the same name as the film’s lead actor, Brendan Connor. Google turned up about as much. However, I did find a website that featured a clip from a movie called Experiment in Torture and find it too hard to believe there’s a second movie out there with that title that also features an attractive young woman strapped to a chair being systematically tortured. You can view that clip here if you so choose.

For the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait until October 16th when Lionsgate releases Experiment in Torture to DVD. Dry ice not included.

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