Milla Jovovich Will Only See Faces in the Crowd on DVD and Blu-ray

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There was a time when a psycho thriller like Faces in the Crowd would have received a wide theatrical release. There was also a time when such a movie would have been legally required to star Ashley Judd, but that’s another matter entirely.

Julian McMahon and Michael Shanks co-star in writer/director Julien Magnat’s serial killer chiller Faces in the Crowd that sees Milla Jovovich as the sole survivor of a serial killer who now finds herself suffering from a condition that makes it impossible for her to recognize faces, particularly the killer still at large and stalking her.

Face blindness, huh? Kind of like how in Color of Night Bruce Willis was so traumatized by a bloody death he lost his ability to see the color red. One can only hope Faces in the Crowd turns out better than Color of Night. But then Color of Night didn’t feature a serial killer named “Tearjerk Jack”.

Anna (Milla Jovovich) may be the only survivor of serial killer Tearjerk Jack’s horrendous reign, but left with “face blindness”, she is completely unable to identify him – or anyone else. Now, with only a loyal detective’s (Julian McMahon) face familiar to her, she cannot trust anyone as she struggles to resume her normal life and, plagued by fear and a vindictive Jack, to survive.

You will not be seeing writer/director Julien Magnat’s Faces in the Crowd at a theater near you anytime soon. Instead you should look for it on DVD and Blu-ray October 25th. A digital copy appears to be the only DVD extra included in this Millennium Entertainment/First Look Pictures.

Have a look at the trailer and cover art below. I take back what I said earlier about this being tailor-made for Ashley Judd. If I suffered from face blindness, I’d watch this trailer and be convinced Faces in the Crowd was an early-to-mid-1990’s Madeline Stowe thriller.

Milla Jovovich Will Only See Faces in the Crowd on DVD and Blu-ray

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  • will graham

    I actually liked Colour of Night. It was so bad it was good, unliked all those other “erotic” thrillers that came out during the 90’s. God just thinking bout Sliver makes me want to vomit.

    Trust Nu Image/Millennium to pick this up. Their home distribution keeps buying films staring theatrical stars in movies that ain’t worth a cinema release. Check out Blitz, another serial killer film (this time staring Jason Statham) for instance.

    • Vanvance1

      Blitz was actually pretty good.

      Some of the director’s choices bothered me but for the most part I very much liked the film.

      • The Woman In Black

        I liked Blitz, too. Not the greatest movie of the year but a nice change of pace.

        • Uncle Creepy

          Blitz was good but ultimately forgettable.

  • LSD Zombie

    Face blindness? Looks like standard amnesia to me.