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All Right… The Truth or Dare Trailer Looks Pretty Damn Good!



When it comes to batting averages, I think we can all agree that Blumhouse is rocking a pretty damn impressive one. In general, their movies are incredibly entertaining and well made, although the number of scares is debatable. With their latest film, Truth or Dare, it looks like they’re going to have another hit on their hands as the trailer is pretty damn impressive!

The concept is very simple: A group of friends get conned into playing a round of Truth or Dare with a stranger, who then reveals that the game they’re playing is very much a life-or-death situation. In a weird way, this arc has some parallels to It Follows (it’s kinda on the nose, actually). Anyway, this strange miasma follows these people and forces them to continuously play the game by its rules and with its deceptions. Should anyone not play accordingly, they’re met with a swift and vicious end.

Apart from getting some serious Final Destination vibes from the trailer, the sheer viciousness and intensity is what’s drawing me in. This really feels like a no-holds-barred kind of film where the tension is going to be the real star. Oh, and let’s not ignore the Aphex Twin “Come to Daddy” smiles throughout. Is this mischievous truth or dare entity gonna eat their souls?

Directed by Jeff Wadlow and starring Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, Truth or Dare comes out April 27.




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