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Lucio Fulci’s Zombie #1 Comic Back in Print TONIGHT at 7pm! Now in its Third Run!



Tonight at 7pm PST, those nuts at Eibon Press are making horror history again with their third pressing of the  first issue of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie.  Those of you who are hard core “Eibonites” know that these guys have been kicking ALL the ass in the past two years, with some of the most incredible, game-changing horror comics of all time, mostly all based on classic horror and sleaze films from the 1980s.

Their series based on the immortal classic Zombie, directed by Lucio Fulci has been  best-seller for Eibon, with the first issue already selling out two print runs!  By popular demand, they’ve brought the issue back into print with a stunning “eibon sleeve” cover that re-creates the classic movie poster as an incredible oil painting by Hollywood monster artist Mike Broom of “The Walking Dead” and The Cabin in the Woods.  Check it out:

This is one of the thing that makes Eibon books totally different, folks.  They all come packaged in these high end record sleeves, that make them highly collectible and super cool.  Inside the sleeve, you get the comic, plus lots of little extras, like collectors prints and such.

Plus, they just informed us that they’re doing an INSANE offer for this weekend only, where you can order all five currently available issue sod Zombie and get the shipping thrown in for free.  Check this out:

It’s a great time to be a horror collector, and those guys have ALL the juice.

Lucio Fulci’s Zombie #1 will be available tonight at 7pm, only through their website,!



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