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Oxenfree’s Night School Studio Hosting An Afterparty



Night School Studio blew us away with their supernatural adventure game Oxenfree, so the announcement of their next project has us on the edge of our seats. As IGN explains, their next game will be called Afterparty, and will focus on Lola and Milo, two best friends who both unexpectedly die shortly before finishing college. Whilst they await judgement, they learn that the only way to escape eternal damnation is to beat Satan himself in a drinking contest. Which leads to a night in which you’ll embark on a pub crawl through the bowels of Hell as you try to find your way to the Devil’s afterparty.

The version of Hell depicted in Afterparty will be contain neighborhoods modeled after different religions that have existed throughout different periods of history, and will all be linked by a version of the River Styx filled with water taxis. Once you’ve consumed enough Hellish alcohol to be pissed out of your mind, you’ll be able to engage in typical drunken activities including karaoke, beer pong, and chatting up the demonic bartender.

Afterparty is still in the very early stages of development and is not expected to be released until at least 2019, but we’ll be keeping it on our radar. Mostly because we can’t wait to compete against the Prince of Darkness in a drinking contest.




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