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Artist Mike Hill Prepping a Monster Filled Creation Project



shape of water mike hill - Artist Mike Hill Prepping a Monster Filled Creation Project

Creation Project Monster 300x300 - Artist Mike Hill Prepping a Monster Filled Creation ProjectIf you’ve ever been to a Monsterpalooza or conventions of its ilk or if you were one of the many who’ve experienced Guillermo del Toro’s masterful movie, The Shape of Water (review), then you’re already familiar with the work of artist, Mike Hill.

Mike Hill is a rare kind of artist. One may even call him ‘An Artist’s Artist,’” said Del Toro of Hill. “He inspires us- make up effects creators, directors, storytellers, etc He does that because he connects with monsters in the most profound way- he internalizes them. He is not concerned with likeness and pose- as a wax museum or a traveling show may be- he is concerned with essence and soul, the way a portrait painter would be. He captures the monsters, yes, and the actors underneath but he also manages to distill elements of storytelling in his sculpture. He is technically flawless and artistically superb: he clearly was raised by monsters and it is his life mission to pay them back.

That’s quite the endorsement, no? And Hill is deserving of every word of it. Word’s just come across our desks that Mike has got a short-film in preproduction tentatively titled The Creation Project and here’s what we know about it thus far…

The Creation Project is a non-profit short film currently in pre-production, written and directed by Mike Hill. Back in the day, during the decades of the 1920s through the 1950s, Hollywood created some of the most beloved icons in movie history… monsters. This film is a homage to those wonderful movies of yesteryear, from an artist who lives and breathes this world.

It’s a passion project of course,” says Hill, “but I feel its very long overdue. Sometimes we all need to express ourselves and not keep our dreams bottled up. I know a thing or two about the classic monsters of yesteryear. They have been my closest friends for most of my life. I feel I need to pay them back. I spent decades drawing these guys. Then sculpting these guys. And even getting these guys into art museums and proving that fangs and neck bolts are as beautiful as any piece of art. But now I want to show one walking around, breathing… and bring it to our modern audience.

Attention gotten! All eyes on this one!

Cretation project City - Artist Mike Hill Prepping a Monster Filled Creation Project







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