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Showrunner Fears Fox-Disney Merger May Cause Trouble for The Exorcist Season 3



I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the first season of Fox’s “The Exorcist” TV series. If you haven’t given the series a chance yet, I highly suggest watching the full first season. Trust me; it’s worth it.

That said, I’ve been a bad fan this past year as I have not yet watched one episode of Season 2. I know… I suck as a fan.

But hopefully others have been carrying the torch a bit better than me as showrunner Jeremy Slater recently talked a bit about the possibility of a Season 3. And just how the Fox-Disney merger may put it into troubled waters.

“You know, I don’t think anyone knows [what’s happening] at this point,” Slater told EW. “I think this Fox-Disney deal… it doesn’t mean great things for 20th Century Fox as a studio and Fox as a network, but you also never know. Now, we’re not necessarily on brand for Disney, but they’re also going to need a lot of content to fill their streaming platforms and networks, so I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of options.”

He continues: “We definitely have passionate fans at the network and at the studio — we just don’t have the audience — and so I don’t know whether the option is to roll the dice and just keep producing the show because it’s something they believe in, or maybe taking our very loyal fan base that would probably follow us anywhere we go. I think that would be hopefully an attractive prospect if you’re a streaming service or something like that that wants to be competitive in the horror genre. I feel that we’ve made the best horror show on TV for two years running, and the fans that have discovered us will follow us. I remain optimistic.”

How do you feel about “The Exorcist” on FOX? Will you be sad to see it go if a third season isn’t in the cards? Let us know below!

Season 2 Synopsis:
Season 2 picks up with Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and the now-collarless Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels) out of Chicago and on the road, searching out evil. Across the Atlantic, Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) attempts to weed out those within The Vatican who have turned against God. Ultimately, Tomas and Marcus are led to Andrew Kim (John Cho), a former child psychologist who runs a group home for five at-risk foster children on a secluded private island off the coast of Seattle. When one of the children under Andrew’s care is targeted by a powerful force, the two priests head west, setting themselves on a collision course with Hell.




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