David Lynch Invites You to Have Crazy Clown Time

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Let it never be said that iconic director David Lynch is afraid to go in a different direction. From the haunting Elephant Man to the legendarily weird Twin Peaks, Lynch has never been shy about going his own way, blazing a trail since his first feature effort, Eraserhead.

David Lynch, Crazy Clown TimeThis fall David Lynch will be making his solo debut as a musical artist, releasing the album Crazy Clown Time. Described by Lynch as “modern blues”, Crazy Clown Time definitely has an electronic feel with its pulsating rhythms and hypnotizing lyrics. This is music that is tailor-made for fans of Lynch’s films: atmospheric, dark, and moody.

This is far from David Lynch’s first trip into music, writing “In Heaven” with Pete Ivers for Eraserhead and collaborating with others for many of his projects (Twin Peaks, Inland Empire, and Dark Night of the Soul).

The love of experimenting with sound and music is what’s driving this boat,” explained the self-taught “non-musician”. “All of the songs on the album started as a jam. The jams eventually found a form, and lyrics appeared.

Lynch recorded Crazy Clown Time over several months at his own Asymmetrical Studio with engineer Dean Hurley, who contributes guitar and drums to several songs. The recording process, Lynch recalls, was filled with happy creative accidents. “There were so many accidents; this album should be in the hospital.

Releasing from Sunday Best Recordings on November 8, Crazy Clown Time will be available for purchase at retail outlets in both physical and digital formats, including a Collector’s Edition CD; iTunes exclusive with video; and a double LP set with bonus tracks.

With the first two singles – “Good Day Today” and “I Know” – already available through most online outlets, buzz has been quickly building for Crazy Clown Time. Videos for both singles have been released as well, although surprisingly, Lynch didn’t step behind the camera for either. Both were the product of filmmaking competitions judged by Lynch himself.

Check out the videos below the track listing, and let us know what you think. We are thinking they are pretty spot-on representations of the Lynch brand.

Track Listing:

1. “Pinky’s Dream”
2. “Good Day Today”
3. “So Glad”
4. “Noah’s Ark”
5. “Football Game”
6. “I Know”
7. “Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
8. “The Night Bell With Lightning”
9. “Stone’s Gone Up”
10. “Crazy Clown Time”
11. “These Are My Friends”
12. “Speed Roadster”
13. “Movin’ On”
14. “She Rise Up”

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