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Bottomfeeder Horror Comic Is Humanoids from the Deep Meets Bad Lieutenant! ON SALE TODAY!



Well, all I can say is: It’s about time, folks. Those nutty loonies over at Eibon Press, who’ve been kicking all the ass this past year with inspired and totally twisted comic adaptations of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and William Lustig’s Maniac, have finally got an original title dropping.

Today’s the day it hits the street. And let me tell you guys… not only was this one worth the wait, but it’s also one of the best, darkest horror comics ever made. No bullshit. There are few companies out there who pull no punches the way Eibon does, and this one is a dark, dark, DARK number that’s designed to tingle the most jaded horror fan’s palate and leave everyone else so shocked, offended, and creeped out that you may have trouble remembering when something this sick has come down the pike.

Bottomfeeder is a three-issue limited series that tells the story of a sleazy town in California under attack by a sex-crazed toxic waste monster and the unredeemed scumbag cop who draws the short straw to hunt the beast down. The series, which begins today with a 60-page double issue, adapts an infamous “lost” screenplay by horror scribe Stephen Romano — a screenplay that was deemed “untouchable” and was blacklisted for years in Hollywood.

Romano himself explains: “I did the script for producer Shawn Lewis in 2010, and I just went all-out insane with it. He wanted to do ‘Bad Lieutenant meets Humanoids from the Deep,’ and I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ My mind went to some really dark and uncompromising places, and the movie would have been ultra-cool. But you know how these things are. People get scared of stuff that goes too far. We decided later to do it as a comic book.

But it’s not just the gory monster action that makes Bottomfeeder different. “There’s always some kind of moral compass in these monster movies,” says Romano. “You have traditional story parameters a lot of the time that ‘normal Hollywood’ responds to. Like your standard heroes and villains. I wanted to do a story in which the so-called heroes were just as bad as the monsters—maybe even worse. I mean, a big monster that goes around hunting for women to mate with can’t really help himself, right? It’s what these monsters are just wired up to do in movies like Humanoids from the Deep. That’s the instinct that drives them. But our human protagonist has no excuse. He’s just a scumbag. He’s not a rapist or anything, but he’s just this awful guy. And for me, that’s a lot more interesting than some pure-hearted ‘Dudley Do Right’ moralistic hero who we’re automatically sort of required to root for. Who’s to say that guy isn’t a pervert also? In that way, this allows us to tell a story that’s far more along the lines of what actually goes down in the real world.

But Bottomfeeder doesn’t skimp on the horror goods either. In fact, it’s one of the most gory comics of the year, if not the goriest. And — FULL DISCLOSURE — one of the goriest monster attack scenes features a special appearance by someone you may recognize.

YEP. That’s your own lovable Uncle Creepy in the middle panel. I actually “play” a character in this comic, and I don’t end well either.

Ain’t I a great actor????

The rest of the cast is rounded out with familiar “classic” faces in horror. “That’s one of the coolest things about this comic series,” says story writer and executive publisher Shawn Lewis. “We assembled a sort of ‘dream cast’ for this comic book monster movie, drawing the likenesses of guys like Bill Moseley, Clu Gulager, Joe Spinell, and Zoe Tamerlis into the art… and, yeah, we had to get you in there, Creepy. It was only fitting.”

The key role of Lieutenant Joe Angell is played by none other than Joe Pilato, Captain Rhodes of Romero’s Day of the Dead. “Stephen wrote the part for Pilato in the movie,” Shawn says. “It would have been Joe’s next-best career defining role, but we never got to film it.  So we obviously put him in the comic… and the cool thing is, we were able to record some killer dialogue with Joe and create some insane audio clips out of them. We’re offering the clips through a special download card you get with the signature edition of Bottomfeeder #1!

Indeed, the download card is awesome shit—as are the scores of other extras you get with these comics. Every issue these guys do is loaded to the gunwales with collectors prints, stickers, and trading cards—plus they always have each issue encased in this amazing record album sleeve which is sealed with shrink wrap with stickers on the outside, just like a vinyl album. And they offer these rare 1,000 copy editions dirt cheap. Especially for what you get.

The first ish is on sale at 7pm PT at their website TONIGHT. They have a “psycho fan” offer too (sees above) that allows you some even more special goodies, and again, it’s all really cheap. Those “psycho fan” copies are guaranteed to be in your grubby little mitts by Christmas.

Bottomfeeder is ass-kicking horror, guys. Really cutting-edge stuff. We give it our full endorsement—and that ain’t just because I get my head ripped off in it. I promise this one will make you lose ALL your lunch.

And hey, everything in perspective,” says Romano.” “At the end of the day, we’re hoping people like this because it’s a great, cutting-edge story. We worked really hard to give it some kind of depth and meaning beyond all the blood… and that’s what really sets us on fire at Eibon. Making killer stories.

Head to at 7pm PT/10pm ET, and get a copy. They will go fast!




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