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Victor Crowley Swings His Hatchet Home in February



Dark Sky Films has announced that they will be releasing Adam Green’s Victor Crowley (review) on February 6, 2018. It will be released on VOD, digital, Blu-ray, and DVD formats. No special features have been announced yet but we hope to see some deleted scenes and hopefully a featurette about the practical FX that went into the film. Also, it never hurts to have an entertaining commentary from Green!

Victor Crowley, the fourth film in the Hatchet franchise, was secretly filmed and kept under wraps for two years before being announced in summer of this year. It then went on a road tour with Green introducing the film and showing it to audiences across the United States. I myself caught it during this year’s Telluride Horror Show and had an absolute blast! If you want carnage, violence, and gore, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Set 10 years after the events of the original film, Victor Crowley follows survivor Andrew Yong, now an author who must fend off remaining accusations of being the killer, who, through chance, ends up back in Honey Island Swamp where he must face off against Crowley yet again.



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