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Eric Thirteen’s Disposition – Poster Premiere



Eric Thirteen’s latest film, Disposition, is getting set to begin its festival run, and right now we have an exclusive look at the short’s one-sheet for you cats! Dig it!

Sara Malakul Lane (Sun Choke, Beyond the Gates), Suziey Block, and Rob Elk star in the film produced by Thirteen alongside Aubrey Ayash, Lexi Love, Allison McGillicuddy, Sheila Mia Seifi, and Buz Wallick. Disposition features cinematography by Will Barratt (Hatchet, Digging up the Marrow, Frozen, Spiral) and music by Devin Johnson (Man on a Ledge, The Blind Side, Battle Los Angeles, The Last House on the Left).

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We wanted to bend today’s genre tropes to the will of horror’s brooding past,” says Thirteen. “The idea was to talk about something heavy and do it in the style of 60s or 70s psychological horror – but without ignoring what the genre has learned since then. Show that taboo nudity and violence are important cinematic tools in the same way that light and sound are.

A quiet girl (Lane) finds herself literally stalked by her own darkness. As she struggles with medication and coping with depression, she finds herself constantly envisioning her own violent suicide.



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